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It’s just interesting how the careers of our pop darlings are shaping-up to be…There’s always some heir to a throne that has already been vacated (or will soon be). Some gifted (or lucky) artists who strictly follow the formula introduced by revolutionary artists are one day destined to sit in the pop throne that their beloved idols once had. I know there are some instances where an artist may never be equaled/surpassed (e.g. Elvis & Madonna will always be the king & the queen) but there has to be a newer version of them emerging in the pantheon of Rock & Roll.

During the past years a new generation of artists has emerged-the new & updated versions of music greats they so adored at their youth. The most evident pop succession is off course the Madonna-Britney one. Madonna is the Queen of Pop & Britney the Princess. Then there is the Dianna Ross-Beyonce Knowles one. Dianna was the Queen of versatility back in the 70’s. She was highly successful in the 70’s with the Supremes & was also successful as a solo artist the way Beyonce started her career with Destiny’s Child before successfully going solo. Ciara is more appropriately the princess of R & B (dance) while her evident idol Janet Jackson is the Queen of R & B (dance). The Pussycat dolls are the new Spice Girls. Usher is the updated version of Michael Jackson. And might well be the of our times.

On the other hand some talented artists like Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson & Pink rip qualities/styles from various artists in order to derive a unique mix that is entirely their own. Everyone has their own formula for success-there is a Madonna formula, Whitney formula, Janet formula etc. Some artists like Britney Spears evidently takes a big heap of Madge’s and a little of Janet’s & the results are quite good. Others try to mix various these formulas but in the end only the fans could decide whether those formulas have indeed worked or not.

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