Pop Tarts Crank Up The Sex Appeal

Amy C. Sims of Fox News reports that with pop stars now entering their 20s, many are eager to shed their adolescent image. *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake and his counterpart each are releasing their debut solo albums and are trying to shed the sweet for sultry. “Fourteen-year-olds are over Justin, but women in their 20s now think he’s hot,” said Atoosa Rubenstein, editor of Cosmo Girl. On the female side, and Christina Aguilera have each sexed up their images, which may turn off some teens. “As Britney has changed her image, there is a direct correlation with her drop in popularity,” said Rubenstein. “Aguilera’s new video is one step away from pornography. Teenage fans feel alienated by the new image — they can’t bring it home.” Read more.

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