Pop Unpopularity

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Obviously there are stars in pop which some love and others hate. But why is it that in pop there is no star with universal appeal? I mean sure pop is not really liked by everyone and a lot of people think it is not a serious form of music or something for children. For others it is a guilty pleasure. But even with those who like the genre there is no one star that is loved and embraced by all.

In the movie industry there is Angelina Jolie and Drew Barrymore; both of whom are loved by everyone. I have yet to meet someone who dislikes either of these two vibrant women. They have universal appeal.

As for the men in that business there is Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom, among others. Yes they are disparaged occasionally, but still people tend to love them. They have universal appeal.

Even in other music genres there are artists who have it. In rap there is 2Pac and more recently Kanye West. Everyone now loves them both. No one has a nasty word to say about them. They have universal appeal.

In the world of rock there are so many from the Beatles to Nirvana who no one who likes Rock hates. They have universal appeal.

Now, back to pop. Why is it that this industry has yet to come up with one artist who has this type of popularity? Some like Madonna, many hate her. Some like Britney, many hate her. Some like Christina, many hate her. In fact it seems that for every fan a pop star has there are ten people who despise them. They have no universal appeal. Why?

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