Popdirt ‘Reporter’ Harrasses Jessica Simpson Forum

Contributed Anonymously:

On January 11th, the community at JessicaSimpson.com received the following message from the username POPDIRTREPORTER.

I am a reporter for popdirt.com. Over the next few days, I will be around looking/observing the board and submitting stuff back to my site. I will ask you in the post or in a PM before I use your information in a report, unless of course you are our favorite newsmaker, AJF, or Robert, or BFOJ, or this CarlaM, in which case your posts can and will be used against you. Thank you for your cooperation users, have a good day.

Now, what cooperation is he talking about? Nobody had agreed to cooperate. In fact, most users at this MB find Popdirt.com to have a lot of useless information. The discussion continued with POPDIRTREPORTER calling other users “stupid” and then making spelling mistakes himself. Perhaps this user if he is in fact from popdirt.com should find a place to lurk elsewhere.

The complete conversation can be found at JessicaSimpson.com , on the community page.

Note: Just to be clear, other than me, there is no popdirt.com reporter. Trust me, I’ve deleted many more posts about moderators than I’ve posted. Unless AJF posts on behalf of Jessica or her dad, I’m not going to post this trivial nonsense, unless it is especially scandalous.

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