Popstar = Excuses

Contributed Anonymously:

I’m so tired of these pop stars…they have gone absolutely crazy! I mean Britney, Justin, Jennifer, and Christina. Why do we have to hear about EVERY single moment of their lives? I mean I don’t think Christina and Justin are too bad…but they are getting there. Let’s start of with Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez is a woman who seems to have the least bit of morals ever…I’m shocked to know she’s Catholic. I think she wants the media to follow her…although she doesn’t say it (what person is going to say “I’m over here…follow me!”).

I mean it all started with Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs after him she became what I like to think a woman with too much money and no good intentions. I think she is soon to get her a bigger dose of karma. I hope leaves her pregnant just like he left every other woman in his life. It’s so sad that she was engaged to another man before she was even divorced. Catholic? Nope.

Then there’s her new follower. Yes….Britney Spears. I have 2 words. What Happened? I really believed that Britney was the country girl with manners and strict beliefs. I think it was after Justin Timberlake that she decided to go crazy. I mean nobody can’t say she didn’t. Kissing on television. Getting married. Getting engaged….to a man who already has kids. This is where I think these women are full of themselves. I’m sure Jennifer Lopez or Britney Spears never thought “He already has a life with a woman…and the woman has his kids….maybe I shouldn’t get involved in this” I mean both Kevin and Marc left behind their wife or girlfriend with their children. Maybe Jennifer and Marc have 45% of lasting for 2 years. But Britney…no not if she wants to remain as famous as she is. She’s young…she has a career that involves traveling…and she has a reputation. She is simply making those kids suffer as she has some fun with their daddy.

Then there’s her ex Justin Timberlake. I’ll give him this-I think he can sing. That’s it. Done. He used his relationship with Britney to get more attention…if he didn’t want attention he wouldn’t have discussed it so much…saying such things as “something really bad happened”. We weren’t born yesterday…he was getting the media ready for the Cry Me A River video…where what I’m sure he meant was really bad….his girlfriend cheated…his girlfriend looked like Britney Spears. Then there is his attitude he is too cocky there is a line that is drawn for being cocky…and he has surpassed it.

Then we have once again she can sing…I think she’s the best singer out there. Unfortunately she can’t look the same for 2 months in a row….I think she’s going through some phases. I hope she gets out quick….

I hope all of these pop stars get out of whatever crazy world they are living in and get back to Earth. Nobody can say that other people act this crazy and reckless. Just look at other people who are famous but don’t get this attention. I wonder if anybody else gets what I’m saying?

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