Posh And Becks Faster Than Love At First Sight

David Beckham is featured extensively in today’s News of the World, including news on his troubles at Manchester United that led to his trade, and his romance with then Spice Girl that led to their wedding. Beckham revealed their romance began when “my wife picked me out of a football sticker book, and I chose her from a music video off the television.”

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One thought on “Posh And Becks Faster Than Love At First Sight

  1. bsg1hbk says:

    aw…dammit..lol I want becks to love me like that…i love him like that…lol anyway ..BECKS COME BACK WE NEED YOU :'( just had to get that out..the real comments now I think Davids always been an obsessed kind of love lol Victoria is the more calm type of IF YOU COME SEE ME THEN OK IF NOT THEN FINE type of chick..i don’t really know about picking him before they met since…well…she was after Ryan Giggs and that’s why she went to Old Trafford all the time but we can let David dream.

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