Posh & Becks Go Unrecognizable In America

The New York Post profiled the recent U.S. publicity tour by former Spice Girl and her soccer star hubby David Beckham, which didn’t seem to go well. “They did all the right things, they met all the right people, they hit all the right spots,” says veteran publicist Bobby Zarem. “Yet, they didn’t manage to translate that into a high profile. They didn’t get the mass audience. The average person doesn’t know who they are.”

Posh Attacks Beck’s Bully Soccer Boss

The Mirror reports former Spice Girl launched a withering attack on Sir Alex Ferguson last night over the way he has tried to dump her husband David from Manchester United. Posh told Fergie: “You don’t bother us anymore.”

As for reports that she has the final say on which club David will join if he leaves United, Posh insisted, “It’s entirely his decision and I am happy to go wherever he wants. It’s David’s call which country he plays in and who he plays for and always has been. It’s nonsense to say I will have the last word. All that has ever mattered to me is that David’s happy with his football and if that means we go to Spain or Italy than that is what we will do.”

Posh & Becks Sooo In Love

Sources close to former Spice Girl and her soccer star hubby David tell Us Weekly that they “never seem to want to be away from each other” and they are “obviously sooo in love.”

Posh & Becks Get No MTV Movie Awards U.S. Airplay

If you watched the MTV Movie Awards on Tuesday, you may have noticed that they didn’t show former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and hubby David presenting the Best Transatlantic Breakthrough Award to Colin Farrell. “They were never supposed to be in the U.S. edition,” an MTV source tells The Mirror. “They were invited as an addition for the international audience and their presentation will be seen in every other country, just not America. There wasn’t time in the schedule.”

Damon Dash Hypes Posh’s Hip Hop Transformation

Damon Dash is hyping former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham in her bid to conquer the U.S. music market. “I’ve never helped anyone outside the Roc like this,” he told The Mirror. “But when we talked, I got to feeling how she wants to win like I want to win. I got to see where her heart is and how she’d work hard to promote her record. She pays close attention to what makes people move and she truly loves hip-hop and R&B, as well as pop.” Dash has rappers M.O.P., Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and Cam’ron as well as Macy Gray working on her new album.

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