Posh & Becks Hire 5 Ex-SAS To Protect Romeo

The Sunday People reports David and have hired tough ex-SAS bodyguards – because they are terrified baby Romeo could be kidnapped. David and his former Spice Girl wife were desperate to avoid a repeat of the 1999 scare when police rushed the Beckhams to a safe house after threats to grab Brooklyn – now three – for a ransom. “The Beckhams are leaving nothing to chance,” a friend of the family said. “They knew the publicity surrounding the birth of their new child might attract the wrong sort of attention and took steps to ensure the family is totally safe.”

Leaves Hospital With New Baby

According to BBC, Former Spice Girl and newly born baby boy Romeo have left the private Portland Hospital in central London, after two days of rest following the birth of her baby. The hospital’s personnel services manager Chris Jones Posh and hubby David Beckham “were fine and seemed very proud of the baby. They were all very happy, they went away very happily.”

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