Posh Comforts Becks As Dad Battles Near Fatal Heart Attack

Victoria Beckham cut short a promotional trip to Japan to fly back to comfort her husband David after the soccer star’s father Ted suffered a heart attack. “She’s been a rock for David,” a friend tells News of the World. “She keeps telling him, ‘Don’t blame yourself for this, stop having a guilt trip—it’s not your fault.’ The two of them have been sitting in the corridor together and she clasps his hand in hers. David’s like a little lost lamb at the moment.”

The full story at newsoftheworld.co.uk has since been removed.

Posh Snubs Damon Dash At New York Restaurant

The New York Daily News reports that when Damon Dash stopped by Victoria Beckham’s table at a New York City restaurant to chat the other night, the Spice Girl gave him the brushoff. “You could see she didn’t want to talk to him,” a spy said. “She left shortly after he arrived.” Dash had worked with the designer/singer in 2004 on an album which was never released.

Two Nannies Walk Out On Posh & Becks

News of the World reports two nannies walked out on Victoria Beckham and hubby David after both complained about how they were treated. “You’d imagine it’s a dream job working for celebrities like that in California,” a source said. “But these two trained professionals said it was a nightmare. They complained Victoria spoke down to them, her mother Jackie bossed them about and they felt like dogsbodies.” Though they were hired only to care for Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, they ended up “having to cook and clean up for all the family.”

Beckham Bodyguard’s SUV Too Big For Parking Garage

Broken pieces of a parking gate went flying to as a monster SUV carrying Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and hubby David’s hired muscle tried to squeeze out of a parking structure, after a mid-day shopping spree.

Footage from TMZ.com has since been removed.

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