Posh Dumps Dash To Save Her Marriage

News of the World reports former Spice Girl has ditched her hip-hop career and affiliation with Damon Dash before it even started in a bid to save her marriage to soccer ace David Beckham.

“This will mean Victoria doesn’t have to keep flying to New York all the time,” a source close to the Beckhams revealed. “She’s making a real go of their marriage and this will definitely help fill the cracks that were beginning to show.”

An insider said Posh’s manager Simon Fuller never liked the idea of her making a career in hip hop. “Fuller is pleased that Damon is out of the picture,” the insider explained. “He never liked the idea of a hip-hop album. It was a huge risk. Posh was one of the world’s biggest-selling artists with the and had a huge pop following. Fuller wants to capitalize on that. This is her last chance to make it as a solo artist so it has to be done right. She can do it again but Fuller holds the key for her comeback plan.”

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