Posh Fury At LA Shop Snub

The Sun reports former Spice Girl was furious at a shop owner in Los Angeles who didn’t want to close his shop for Posh and hubby David Beckham. The owner says he had no idea who the couple was. When the couple’s posse pointed out that they were an extremely famous couple in Britain, the owner snapped: “They might be in Britain – but they’re not here. I’m not closing for anyone! We get Britney Spears in here all the time and she never asks me to close. We get other stars all the time, they just get on with it.” But eventually he complied, but when Posh exited, an onlooker says “she had a face like thunder.”

Posh & Becks Donate In Bid To Save Girls

The Sunday People reports former Spice Girl and her hubby David are helping raise cash in a bid to save two little sisters stricken with Batten’s Disease, a degenerative illness which impacts one in 30,000 children and leaves them unable to walk or talk. The couple sent autographed photos to be auctioned to help raise money needed to send the kids for pioneering treatment. Their father Mark said, “I didn’t expect an answer as they are so busy. I’m delighted.”

Diamonds Are Posh, Becks & Elton’s Best Friend

The New York Post reports Elton John, former Spice Girl and her hubby David Beckham were spotted buying five-time-zone diamond watches, diamond dog tags and stud earrings at Jacob the Jeweler’s shop in New York.

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