Posh Learns To Deal With Fame

popped in to chat to Georgia about her new singles, how she’s finding living in Spain, and her plans for Christmas. When asked if she could change anything about her life and her fame, what would she change, the former Spice Girl responded, “I’ve learned to deal with it. I’m the luckiest girl in the world. There’s nothing worse than celebrities that moan about being famous, moan about being photographed. That’s bullsh**, people don’t want to hear that. These people are glamorous, they’re earning a lot of money, no one’s going to feel sorry for them. I wouldn’t like to be less famous, but I think when I put music out there it makes it more difficult because people will judge it before they’ve heard it. For example when people heard I was working with Damon Dash, everyone assumed I was going to rap. I can’t think of anything more embarrassing. I love rap, I love hip hop, but I wouldn’t try and go there. I’m being true to myself in my music, it’s pop music with soul, which is what I do.” Audio at capitalfm.com has since been removed.

Posh And Becks Focus Of Christmas Eve Documentary

The Sun profiled the documentary on former Spice Girl and hubby David that aired Wednesday night. They also report on Posh’s plans for a sexy Christmas strip for her soccer star mate. “What do you buy David Beckham? He is the guy who has got everything, so I might just stick myself in a box with a bow on it this year and leap out naked,” Victoria explained. “It is very difficult to know what to get him, although he did ask for a briefcase to keep his laptop in. People think he hasn’t got much upstairs but in fact he is very intelligent when it comes to computers – much more so than me.”

Posh Has A Career Backup Plan

Former Spice Girl tells Radio 1 she has a backup plan if her musical comeback fails, and it’s not being a housewife. “A lot of people say, ‘Why do you do it? Why don’t you sit at home and do what the other footballers’ wives do – get your nails and hair done everyday and go for lunch?’,” she explained. “I’m sure it’s a great life, but I’ve got to be active. I can’t just sit at home in Beckingham Palace as they call it. I’ve always been a worker, you know. And I think that’s quite commendable as I don’t have to do it. But yeah, maybe I’ll do a bit of acting at some point. Fashion is what intrigues me. I’ll do the music for as long as I enjoy it, you know?”

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