Posh Meeting A Relief For Sophie Ellis Bextor

Former Spice Girl and met on Sunday face to face for the first time, as both prep to go head to head in the singles charts three years after Sophie had beaten Posh with ‘Groovejet’. The pair tried to play it down as they appeared on Channel 4’s ‘T4’. Both girls insisted they liked each other and that it was a “relief” to finally meet. Victoria said: “It’s not about competition the artists don’t feel like that.”

The Downside Of Being Posh

Damaging stories about former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham’s career and marriage to David have taken a toll on the singer. “I’m an easy target, aren’t I,” Posh asked in an interview with The Mirror. “I’m used to it. What can I say? There’s nothing you could dislike about David, but there’s a different thing with me.” But she is upset to learn a close friend has spread divorce rumors. She said: “Why would she say that? It couldn’t have been her. You must have got that wrong.” Victoria has taken plenty of flak over her attempts to revive her career. But while she is happy to writhe on a bed for her new video, she does have limits. She said: “I didn’t want to leap around like Britney Spears.”

Not Afraid Of Celebrity

December 19, 2003 – Cocky, confident Sophie is not afraid of mention the ‘C-word’. “Nowadays, because there is such an obsession with ‘celebrity’, some people, musicians, think it’s kind of a bit ugly to say that you’re interested in any aspect of celebrity,” she tells Living Abroad Magazine. “But I think the moment you do interviews or do photos or appear in your own videos, you’re courting it to a certain extent. So I think it’s better to embrace it rather than dismiss it. I’m really not someone that is particularly interested in fame. It’s funny, when I was about 15 I remember thinking that it might be a good idea, but my mum (Janet Ellis) said ‘no, as you get older your perspective changes’. And she was so right, you do, you get older and you’re just not that fussed. Now I shy away from it. I don’t really go to any sort of parties and film premieres. I dabbled in it for a while, right at the beginning.”

Scare For Sophie Ellis Bextor

December 15, 2003 – The Sun reports Sophie had a fright when a dancer nearly dropped her. “Given that I’m expecting, I didn’t like that very much,” she said. “I had to give them a good ticking off. But I refrained from hurting their egos too badly.”

Sophie Ellis Bextor: My Baby Joy

December 13, 2003 – The Mirror reports Sophie says that even on the first few dates with boyfriend Andy Boyd, they were seriously discussing a future together. She says: “We talked about starting a family because we just knew it was right. If the baby hadn’t been planned we would have taken precautions. What caught us out was how quickly it happened. I’ve always wanted to be a mum, but I’ve got friends who have struggled to conceive. So I thought it might take a year or so for anything to happen. This sounds like a cliche but every baby is a little bit of a miracle. Ours has just come along quicker than expected.”

So will the couple get married before she gives birth? “I haven’t ruled out marriage, but at the moment I’m just happy to enjoy the pregnancy,” Sophie said.

Sophie Ellis Bextor Getting Special Treatment While Pregnant

December 6, 2003 – Sophie tells The Glasgow Daily Record she finds it amusing that people have been treating her with kid gloves ever since she broke the news she was pregnant with boyfriend Richard Jones. “I just keep saying to people that I’m not ill. I’m only pregnant,” she remarked.

The baby is due in June and Sophie is determined it will be a natural birth. She has booked herself into a private hospital for her pre-natal care. “Hopefully my labor will be as short as possible,” she said. “The hospital I have booked in with doesn’t believe in gas or air nothing at all. I would love to have a water birth with candles and music.”

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