Posh Ponders Career Change

Star magazine reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is telling pals she’s tired of the music industry and wants to move into the world of fashion, putting out her own high-end fashion line. “I don’t have to work – I’ve got more money than I can spend,” Posh has told friends. “But I want to work. I want to accomplish more things in my life.”

PR Guru: Victoria Beckham’s Goldenballs Grab Is ‘Sad’

PR guru Max Clifford tells The Glasgow Daily Record photos showing Victoria Beckham sticking her hand down hubby David’s pants over the weekend were nothing but a cynical attempt to promote the former Spice Girl’s new single.

“It’s obvious that she’s trying to make an impact, but it all seems really sad and desperate to me,” Clifford said. “Anyone married to David Beckham can get all the publicity they want but it’s a lot harder getting a No. 1 record. The harder she tries to get her career on an up by chasing headlines, the more her record sales seem to tumble only David’s stock seem to rise.”

Posh Sticks Her Hands In Becks’ Pants

News of the World caught former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham sticking her hands down the pants of her soccer star hubby David after they dined at swanky London restaurant Nobu on Saturday and got into their Bentley. “It was more a case of Nob-out than Nobu, from what we could see,” a bystander joked. “They were at it on the back seat like teenagers.”

A photographer added, “They thought we couldn’t see what they were doing because of the black-out windows, but the camera flashes picked up what they were up to. You could see David was really enjoying his wife’s performance and was sitting back with a smug look on his face. Victoria looked amazing and had a mischievous glint in her eye. She was certainly going to give him a night to remember.”

Posh Visits Radio 1

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham was on Radio 1 with Chris Moyles on Friday morning to talk about her busy flying schedule, her two boys, living in Spain, the “footballer’s wives” stereotype she doesn’t fit into, a new DVD she’s bringing out, rumors she was having an affair with “that fat fellow” Damon Dash, how she’s still trying to change people’s perceptions of her, her continued promise not to rap, and more. Audio has since been removed from bbc.co.uk.

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