Posh Pop Career In Doubts As She Plots Having 3rd Baby

The People reports that with Jordan’s claims of once getting close to David Beckham, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is looking at trying for a third baby with her soccer star husband after her last single ‘Let Your Head Go/This Groove’ reached only No 3 and album plans have been shelved. “Until [Jordan’s claims], it was thought Victoria was too busy with her career to think about a third child. Then she let slip they had been trying for a child when the Jordan stuff came out, a friend revealed, adding, “It came as a shock when she said that she wasn’t going to continue trying if stories like that one were going to come out about them.”

Victoria Beckham’s Toxic Tan

According to the Daily Star, a beautician applying Victoria Beckham with a fake spray on tan failed to clean the spray gun used to apply the fake the bronzer, so toxic fumes as opposed to color were covering the former Spice Girl. Within seconds, the dyed diva, dressed only in her pants, fell to the floor.

“Victoria was in her underwear and standing on a lot of old newspapers to prevent the color running on to the floor…it appears the girl spraying on the tan hadn’t checked her applicator properly and it meant the nozzle was partly clogged,” a source explained. “After two minutes there was a really nasty smell in the room and Victoria suddenly went weak at the knees and fell over.”

Fortunately, Victoria recovered and even wants to have a $31,000 spraying machine installed in her Madrid home.

Posh’s Son Begins Paparazzi Training

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham watched as Brooklyn takes his first photographs of dad David playing in the Madrid v Valencia 1-1 draw this week. Alongside sat David’s mother Sandra and his sister Joanne, who bought the camera as a gift.

Posh And Becks Celebrate Valentine’s Day In Madrid

David and Victoria Beckham were photographed leaving the Ritz Hotel in Madrid on Saturday (February 14) after spending a 3 hour Valentine’s lunch with their children Brooklyn and Romeo. The former Spice Girl left with roses and a gift from hubby David.

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6 thoughts on “Posh Pop Career In Doubts As She Plots Having 3rd Baby

  1. MoreGQThanU says:

    Can someone from the UK explain this to me: Why is number three on the charts such a disappointment? In the US, if a single reaches number three it’s considered a smash and artists like Britney Spears who are considered huge have trouble even making the top ten! Also, when these articles refer to the single making number three is that on airplay, sales, or a combination like it is here in the US? Thanks!

  2. Britneydidme says:

    Yes please explain. Also, who is this Jordan cow? I thought Posh and Becks were the Romeo and Juliet of England. They are supposed to be madly in love and the most beautiful, famous couple in love ever. What’s this new girl’s story? She “got close” what does that mean? And surely not while Victoria was present. Someone give more info please!

  3. Fashionista says:

    They are not as perfect as you think it’s just a front, anyways Jordan is a Glamour Model and she has dirt on these two that nobody knows and she is going to publish it in her book. There has been a rivalry between Jordan & V. The only reason she is looking to have a child now is that nobody is interested in her not musically or her as a person. Just her husband anyways her album got scrapped, Damon Dash said some s**t how his not her friend or whatever. She’s ready to pout when it suits her but when trouble comes she ducks for cover and makes excuses. There probably is a lot of truth into what Jordan has to say and everybody in the UK are waiting to hear it. Even their bodyguards are saying there is some undercover business in their marriage and they are all ready to spill the beans. IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT, MONEY TALKS.

  4. popmaster167 says:

    I think its because the US market is much bigger and competitive,so getting a no3 has’, ‘more value and achievement attached to it, whereas the UK market is much smaller and less competitive and consequently a no3 is considered less of an achievement.

    ever since the Spice Girls split people, especially here in Brtain, have really taken Victoria Beckham seriously as an artist or taken her music seriously. She’s just thought of as “Victoria Beckham” David Beckham’s wife and “the ex spice girl”. And the Beckhams have had their problems, no matter how their portrayed in the press, just like all other couples do. Like when David was trying to work up a deal to get him out of manchester united there was a lot of tension between them.

  5. Izzy says:

    If anyone’s the cow, it’s Posh. First of all Victoria Beckham thinks just because she dresses in designer clothes and looks the part that she is a great singer and star. She should of stuck with the Spice Girls. As a group, they were marketable, but as an individual artist Victoria was the absolute worst and most untalented. She has tried to be the new Kylie and it ain’t ever gonna happen. So I say to Posh, get to a fertility doctor and have another baby–that’s what you’re really good at. Please don’t torture us with another album.

  6. Buzz says:

    First of all, Jordan is a liar who would say anything to get herself in the headlines. The only way Victoria talks about Jordan is if she is asked about her, or if Jordan mentioned her name first. Jordan is a nobody and that’s why she’s the second most hated Brit. Also, Posh is a very serious artist. She does everything an artist is supposed to do, and if you look at it, her music has matured a lot from her first album.

    Right, because you happen to know Posh personally, and how she acts? No, you don’t. Your assumption is based on your opinion and hatred for Posh. Just because she does pop music, doesn’t mean she’s trying to be like Kylie. If anything Kylie just needs to stop, and realize her voice synthenizers are more obvious than Jordan’s fake boobs.

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