Posh Signs $2.3 Million Record Deal With Telstar

Former Spice Girl has bounced back from her alleged kidnap scare by signing a $2.3 million record deal with Telstar that will have her in the studio next month prepping a new album. “Victoria is over the moon with Telstar. It’s the same label as Craig David and he has had massive success,” an insider said. “She suffered a traumatic ordeal last week when she learned of the kidnap plans but she is a determined young woman and this is her way of fighting back. She won’t give up until she’s proved herself as a solo singer.”

Challenges Soccer Club ‘Posh’

The Daily Star reports former Spice Girl is opposing a Second Division soccer club’s attempt to register its 68-year-old ‘Posh’ nickname as a trademark. Peterborough United bosses were “absolutely stunned” by the move to challenge its attempt to trademark its nicknames, “Posh” and “The Posh”. “The name Posh is inexorably associated with Victoria Beckham in the public’s mind,” said Beckham’s publicity company. “The concern from her team is that they (the public) would think she had in some way endorsed products she had no knowledge of.”

Posh Calls Kidnap Plot ‘Terrifying’

The Sun reports David Beckham ordered a major review of security surrounding his former Spice Girls wife Victoria Beckham and their two children, declaring: “The first role of a father and husband is to keep his family safe.” Posh commented, “It’s terrifying to think somebody would want to do that to you and your children. We have good security and are aware of the risks. But how can you ever be 100 per cent sure you’ll prevent it if someone is that mad?”

Beckham Turns House Into Fortress Following Kidnap Plot

The Mirror reports David Beckham heavily stepping up security following the arrest of gang suspected of plotting to snatch his former Spice Girls wife Victoria Beckham and their children. “David will do whatever it takes to keep his family safe. If it’s possible to tighten security, he’ll do it,” a source said. “But if the house can’t be made safe he’ll have no hesitation in moving. He adores his family and will take no chances about their safety.”

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