Posh Snubs England Wife’s Euro 2004 Hotel

The People reports England’s footballers’ wives will enjoy a $900,000 stay in a luxury hotel during Euro 2004, but Victoria Beckham won’t be apart of the posse. Instead, her soccer star husband David said she is just “too busy” to attend the tournament. The former Spice Girl will turn up only if her hubby’s team reaches the final in Portugal. In the event that happens, she will make her own accommodation arrangements.

A source said: “This is probably the first time so many partners have had the chance to be close to the squad for an entire tournament. England coach Sven Goran Eriksson hopes that letting the players have their loved ones nearby will help keep them out of trouble and improve team morale.”

The full story at people.co.uk has since been removed.

Posh’s Life In Peruvian Slum Town

The Sunday Mirror reports Victoria Beckham has discovered how the other half live by visiting impoverished children in South America. The former Spice Girl went there to see how money raised by the public through Sports Relief is being spent. “Victoria literally lived the life of the villagers,” a friend revealed. “It was an incredible experience for her. She found it amazingly moving.”

The full story at sundaymirror.co.uk has since been removed.

Damon Dash Wants To Cast Posh In Comedy Film

The Mirror caught up with Damon Dash at the Cannes Film Festival where he revealed that despite their musical collaboration disaster, he’d like to work with former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham on a film project.

“Victoria’s a really good friend of mine and she’s a great artist and great performer,” Dash said. “I want to put her in a film, it would be so good. I know that the headlines would say that I’m gonna make her breakdance, or I’m gonna put her in a rap movie or something but I’d like to put her in something funny.”

Heartbroken Posh Turns To Kabbalah

News of the World reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham appears to be the latest star to fall under the influence of Kabbalah after being photographed wearing a red Kabbalah wrist string when she arrived at a kids’ party with sons Brooklyn, five, and Romeo, 19 months. Posh had dinner with the world’s most well-known Kabbalah convert, Madonna, last week along with Guy Ritchie at their home in Los Angeles.

“I’ve spoken to Victoria and she did say she was wearing a Kabbalah bracelet,” Posh’s spokeswoman Caroline McAteer said. “But she doesn’t want to give any explanation.” Then another spokeswoman called back to say: “It’s not because she has joined that religion. She was just making a fashion statement.” Then she changed the story again, saying: “Maybe she is getting interested in Kabbalah.”

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3 thoughts on “Posh Snubs England Wife’s Euro 2004 Hotel

  1. maryfingsunshine says:

    Why is it that every time Kabbalah is mentioned Madonna comes up? She didn’t invent it or anything she just follows it! With or without Madonna there’s always been Kabbalah!

  2. act4food07 says:

    Victoria is not wearing a Kabbalah braclet. I am a kabbalist and the red string must be worn on the left wrist(Kabbalah believes the left side of the body is the receiving side), which obviously, Victoria is wearing red string on her right wrist. Hope this clears up those rumors.

  3. guess says:

    now what this really means by Sven Goran Eriksson hopes that letting the players have their loved ones nearby will help keep them out of trouble and improve team morale.” is…. hopefully it will mean that the papers will focus on the footy instead of the affair speculation and England is gonna win anyway.

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