Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery Rumors

News of the World reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham appears to have gotten some work done on her nose and lips. “Something has definitely changed. You can spot it straight away,” an onlooker remarked. “Pictures of her are practically in the papers everyday, so any difference is immediately noticeable.”

Victoria Beckham Confident In Spice Girls’ Reunion

Ireland On-Line reports that Victoria Beckham is confident the Spice Girls will be reuniting soon. “We’re all still doing our own thing,” Posh said. “But that’s the great thing abut the position we’re in now – when we decide we want to do more stuff, we can. There’s no pressure and, at the end of the day, our fans have been so supportive – and so loyal – that hopefully, when we do come back they’ll still be there.”

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One thought on “Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery Rumors

  1. Starlet01 says:

    I don’t believe that Victoria Beckham had any kind of plastic surgery. Once again NOTW is trying to make a quick buck off the Beckham family. If it’s not her boobs, then its her lips & nose! I guess taking NOTW to court isn’t enough of a warning for the paper. I hope the Beckhams’ win their cast & make an example out of them.

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