Victoria Beckham Talks David Out Of Retirement

The Belfast Telegraph reports that at the lowest point during his feud with Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, soccer ace David Beckham admits he was so upset by the whole situation he discussed hanging it up with wife and ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. “I actually did discuss retiring with Victoria,” Beckham said. “There were all sorts of things going on in my life at this time – Romeo had just been born, my parents were divorcing, there was the relationship with the manager and the kidnap threats. If I’d walked away from Man U, I couldn’t have continued playing for England. If it was possible then I would have done, but at that point I wasn’t enjoying my football. I wasn’t enjoying the whole thing.”

He added, “But Victoria was the one who changed my mind and turned it around for me. She explained how important Man U was to me and how important football is to so many people.”

Bullets With Posh And Becks Death Threat Arrive In Mail

The Evening Standard reports David Beckham has revealed how he and his ex-Spice Girl wife received death threats after two bullets arrived in the mail with the soccer star’s name scratched on the side. “It still makes my stomach turn over,” said the footballer after he read the accompanying note which promised one for him and one for Posh. “I received a letter at my house in Worsley. It contained two bullets and a scrawled note saying there’d be one for each of us. I can still remember standing by my pool table and the sound of the cartridges dropping out of the envelope on to the table in front of me.”

Posh Is Ultra-Sensitive And Ultra-Controlling

The Daily Mail has an extensive look behind former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and the control she wields over the image of herself and husband David. “She’s just as ferocious when it comes to David,” a former colleague revealed. “If you think she doesn’t care about what people say about them both and the business decisions they take, you’re dead wrong. She’s ultra-sensitive – and ultra-controlling. Nothing happens without her approval, nothing.”

Posh And Becks Secret Pact To Come Home

David Beckham has agreed to play for a London club after his stint with Real Madrid under a secret pact he made with his wife and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. “The plan is that David will go to play for a London club and Romeo and Brooklyn will be able to go to English schools,” a source close to the couple revealed. “The agreement meant both of them could be happy. David would get to play for a world-class club and afterwards Victoria would finally get what she wanted – a husband who doesn’t have to spend so much time in Manchester, which she never really liked. It’s not really a surprise that the decision was made when it was.”

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2 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham Talks David Out Of Retirement

  1. bsg1hbk says:

    well the least of the things she could of done…can someone tell me why sir Alex didn’t want becks at man Utd?! cause of Victoria and her bossy ways. so she had already left him out of a job the least thing she could do was keep him playing.

  2. YogiBear says:

    Posh is the British version of J-HO.

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