Posh To Have Her Third Baby On Friday

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham wants Harley Street expert Dr Malcolm Gillard, who delivered elder son Brooklyn, by her side on Friday in Madrid where she’s scheduled to give birth to her third child by caesarean section. Under a Spanish law, the top baby doctor will not be able to take charge at the birth, a source tells News of the World. “Victoria needs Dr Gillard there for moral and emotional support,” the source explained. “Her big wish was for him to lead proceedings but it’s just not possible – even the Beckhams are not above the law.”

Posh Eyes Four $4 Million Chelsea Apartments

The People reports that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham plans on buying four $4 million flats in Chelsea to remodel into one penthouse. The move has some hoping her soccer star hubby David is planning on leaving Real Madrid to return to the Premiership. “A purchase in West London would obviously lead to speculation about David leaving Madrid,” a source said. “But they are also a very canny couple when it comes to financial matters and this would be a shrewd investment.”

Posh Schedules February 25th For Baby #3

Heat magazine reports that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and her husband David wanted total privacy during their stay at the Clinica Ruber Internacional for the birth of their third child on February 25th. The couple booked out an entire floor, paying out nearly $300,000 for the privilege.

Posh Desire To Be Songwriter For Others

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham tells New magazine that because she’s having troubles getting her own songs played on radio, she’d be willing to write for other pop stars. “I would even do backing vocals if it was someone like Britney Spears,” Posh revealed. “I would like to have my songs played on the radio, but if they are not being sung by me, at least this way I am still involved.”

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3 thoughts on “Posh To Have Her Third Baby On Friday

  1. kooky777 says:

    I bet that is a total lie, she knows she can’t sing and doubt she can write, so why would she say something like this hat people can just take the mic out of her for, ridiculous. Also why would Britney choose her, just cos they both have no talent. Britney needs someone who can actually sing!

  2. RhythmBndt says:

    I’m sorry but Posh & Becks are bigger & better than any of those damn Spaniard *****s. Victoria should sue the hell outta them.

  3. popfan_23 says:

    What kind of law is that?’, ‘why is she not having a natural birth, this is all so planned and unnatural, and c-section leaves scars.

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