Victoria Beckham Wants To Be Pop Idol Judge

The Sun reports is in talks to be a judge on the next series of Pop Idol. Posh has seen how fellow former Spice Girl has been able to win viewers over being on the show and hopes to do likewise in a bid to help her on the charts for her pop comeback. “She has seen what Geri has done on ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ and thinks she could appear as a nice judge on Pop Idol,” Louis Walsh said. “Victoria has approached producers and expressed an interest in appearing, but it’s early days yet.”

Update: Victoria will not be appearing as a judge on the new series of ‘Pop Idol’. Her official website says, “Contrary to reports in certain news papers today Victoria will not be on the judging panel for the next series of ‘Pop Idol’.”

Tormented Posh On The Verge Of Quitting Showbiz

The Sunday People reports former Spice Girl is on the verge of quitting showbiz after the traumas of the last few weeks, including the kidnap plot and rumors her husband David Beckham had cheated on her. “No one can really imagine what it’s like to be recognized wherever you go – but now it’s difficult to find a way back,” Posh told a close friend. “I can’t take it any more. It’s not the fun that it used to be.” A source close to the singer said, “She doesn’t want to put the kids at risk – the bottom line is they mean everything to her and come ahead of work and going out. She’s admitted staying indoors has made her feel like a prisoner, but it’s the place she feels the safest.”

Jordan Says Posh Should ‘Be A Real Woman’

Sky News reports Jordan has renewed her feud with Victoria Beckham by criticizing the former Spice Girl for giving birth by Caesarian section. Jordan suggested Victoria should “be a real woman” and “try something natural for a change,” citing her own natural childbirth. Her multiple breast enlargements though would counter the credibility of her comments.

Posh And Becks Want A Walk-On Part In EastEnders

The Sunday People reports David Beckham and his former Spice Girls wife Victoria Beckham want to have a walk-on part in EastEnders. David revealed, “We’re mega fans. We never miss an episode and when we’re out of the country we always get someone to video it for us. Our dream is to turn up in the Queen Vic one day and order a drink. That would be brilliant.”

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