Predictions And Advice For Britney Spears

Here’s my prediction for Britney’s new CD and single: “In The Zone,” like her idol Madonna’s horrific “American Life” CD, on its first week, will definitely debut and stay at No. 1. Thanks to the combined efforts of die-hard/hardcore and FEW remaining Britney and Madonna fans. But on the second week, like the ill-fated “American Life” CD, “In the Zone” will uncontrollably and helplessly swirl into the abyss of Hot 100 oblivion . . . and into the sea of Pop Music Disasters. Its first single, “Me Against The Music,” in spite of its 175 spins prior to its release, like Mother Madonna’s hated “American Life” single, will never have a life in the Hot 100 singles chart, much more the Top 10!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to “In The Zone.” I’ll buy 2 CD singles of “Me Against The Music” (for my Madonna collection), and 2 copies of the full length CD (for my Britney collection). However our love for Britney/Madonna cannot change the fact that “In The Zone”/”Me Against The Music” is already doomed even before we get to hear its entirety. The response to the first single usually determines the fate of the entire CD. And from what we’ve heard so far, it’s going to be a horrible CD.
My advice: Britney, there is still time. Go back to the studio and re-work everything. Drop Madonna. Don’t let her string of bad luck rub on you.
I’m kinda jealous of Christina Aguilera fans. At least they will always have the “Stripped” CD to be proud of . . . and we still remember the melody of its first single. I hope Britney can give us a CD in the league of “Stripped” — melodically, thematically, and artistically. Or are melody, artistic integrity and sense just too much for Britney and her people’s capabilities?

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11 thoughts on “Predictions And Advice For Britney Spears

  1. justincaseyestwo says:

    Me against the Music is horrible. I have never cared for Britney’s singing. It feels like nails on a chalkboard to me but I never thought it could get THIS bad. Madfan, I agree with you and hope you are right. It was probably the same people calling in over and over to get the song played.

  2. hellahooked says:

    I disagree. I don’t think it will flop and it is not doomed. It’s only one freaking song, I’m sure she will have way better songs than MATM. MATM is not even bad and I think it will stay in the charts for awhile. LOL your jealous of Christina fans? Ha! That was funny. Stripped was a boring CD so I’m glad Britney didn’t choose to make a CD like that. What a waste. I don’t think Britney needs your advice, she knows what she is doing.. Just let her be.

  3. lopez_lover says:

    Yeah it will debut and stay at no.1 even tho it’s the worst Britney album ever (MATM sucks big time)

  4. Hell6 says:

    Why there is always a stupid fake piece of crap hater talking crap and inventing lies. ARE YOU FOR REAL mongoloid?????? Stripped better than In The Zone, Um… In The Zone hasn’t even been released yet… LOL! Get a life, by the way. Britney’s 4th CD “In The Zone” would not flop, actually it will be indeed HUGE unlike Christina’s crappy CD “Stripped”. You are so funny, melodically, blah, blah, I mean, does people actually think that Christina is an important artist with something to offer, WELL, that’s so pathetic, She’s a b.itch who knows how to scream period. I’m dying for the release of “In The Zone”. You know what, I’m gonna copy this piece of trash comment of the “Nostradamus” Madfan as a prove of the contrary… ***cheers***

  5. breez says:

    “Or are melody, artistic integrity and sense just too much for Britney and her people’s capabilities?” Yes. Let’s hope that this CD flops on its face as music of this quality deserves to.

  6. jrtzflyhunnie says:

    I hope her CD does good. I actually kinda enjoy Me Against The Music. It’s very catchy and something you can dance to. I don’t know why you are kinda jealous of the Christina fans, it’s weird I must say. I wish the best for Britney and her CD’s gonna be hot!

  7. alissimo says:

    WOW, Madfan, you got my respect for that posting, that was so honest, I doubt that other fans would have the guts to write something like that! THUMBS UP and although I don’t like Britney, I feel sorry that she disappointed a lot of fans so much!

  8. perfectly-imperfect says:

    All I have to say is that I’ll remind you of this post come November and eminently enjoy as you eat your words.

  9. HoneyRain says:

    To all you idiots who say stripped is boring and isn’t huge.. well it definitely is!!.. Maybe you all just don’t realize that because unlike Britney Spears, Christina isn’t confound to JUST AMERICA.. And in terms of record sales.. I hear “Britney” didn’t do that greatly either. “Stripped” has sold almost 8 million worldwide, which is good considering only 3 million is from the US. Christina is international whether you want to accept it or not. People are ALREADY remaking and singing her songs and we all know that imitation is the best form of flattery.. and no I ain’t talking bout singing baby one more time on a karaoke machine. While Britney is here in the US collecting all her hyper-active fans.. Christina’s music will be in Argentina, Europe, Australia, Ireland, Scotland Spain, and Japan. Once again, popularity votes and fans don’t mean that the artist is a true musician and better. Even MADONNA doesn’t sing about the SAME thing all the time.. sex and dancing? Come on Britney. POP is already disrespected and fake enough.. and that’s why Christina is trying so hard to get away from it… whether you like the way she’s getting away from it or not.

    And no Christina doesn’t sing about the same thing all the time’. On Stripped, she sang about Love, betrayal, pain, sex (2 out of 16), being yourself, loving yourself, double standards, and “singing my song” is in a category all it’s own: “in the end I answer to ONE God, it comes down to ONE love till I get to heaven above, I have made the decision never to give in, til the day I die no matter what, I’m gonna carry on, I’m gonna keep on.. SINGING MY SONG.. ” and she belts that out so loud and long.. every hater in the world would hear it

    Now that I got that outta the way.. I rather disagree with this post. I don’t think MATM is all THAT terrible and I do think that Britney’s entire album will do really well. While I don’t agree with the way Britney and her writers/producers create her songs.. they’re obviously doing something right cause almost all of her songs are hits. Britney is one of those artists that a little bad luck won’t affect.. I sincerely believe whatever happens.. she will find a way to make it great in the end.

  10. jujusdevilchild says:

    I was hoping for some quality music from Britney. but this song is complete rubbish, IS she trying to prove that she can’t sing? So far from what I’ve heard she’s not improving her singing or artistic merit on this album, it’s just noise. I think she can sing, but she just doesn’t know how to use her voice, after quite a few years in the industry which is quite sad. MATM is trying to be original but ends up being crap. I’m sure her CD will sell a ton & the song will do well etc… but that doesn’t prove that the music is any good. She already has a solid fanbase who are prepared to spend god knows what to get her to the top. Stripped was actually a good CD & has done extremely well, even if you hate Christina, the success of that album cannot be changed by your personal will.

  11. perfectly-imperfect says:

    “Britney” outsold “Stripped” not only in the US, but internationally as well, so what exactly are you talking about? No matter how much people try to downplay that, facts are facts. Also, maybe you worded yourself incorrectly, but did you just admit to “Stripped” as being boring? : / Britney has stated in the past that she wants people to feel good after listening to her music. She doesn’t write/sing about her sad childhood (etc) because she generally had a happy childhood and has a happy life. Why should she sing about ‘dark’ stuff, when she’s not a ‘dark’ person, you know? I’m not bringing down other artists who unload their personal baggage onto their records, but maybe Britney’s just not that type of artist? People are different.

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