Pregnant Sophie Ellis Bextor Says High Heels Worth The Pain

A pregnant fan on Sophie Ellis Bextor’s official forum asked the singer how she manages to continue wearing high heels and if she just does it for special occasions. “Special occasions or very special shoes,” the nearly 6 months pregnant singer responded on Friday. “And if my feet get bigger, I’ll never forgive them. My feet do get tired, but I love looking down to see twinkly shoes. The pain is worth it!”

Ellis Bextor Denies ‘Hellish Pregnancy’ Report; Provides Career Update

February 16, 2004 – Sophie responded to an article in Metro North posted on her official website’s forum, claiming she was having a “hellish pregnancy so far” and asked her partner Richard Jones “to go to the local Spar (grocery chain) to get me weird things.” Sophie responded:

Sorry to put a damper on things, but there’s no truth in that article whatsoever. My pregnancy is far from hellish and I don’t live near a Spar. I have no set plans for a single or a tour. I am starting some European promotion for ‘I Won’t Change You’ and possibly releasing something else, but more likely I will start to write my third album. I really don’t know how these papers can get away with writing totally made up quotes. Oh well.

Provides Update On Pregnancy

February 5, 2004 – A fan on Sophie’s official forum asked the singer how her pregnancy was going. The singer responded on January 29th: “The baby seems to be doing well. It’s kinda taking care of itself, really. I feel well and healthy which is as good as can be. I have name ideas but nothing definite. I’m planning on using the last bit of my pregnancy to start work on album three. All very exciting. Thanks for asking.”

Sophie Ellis Bextor Offers Advice For Pregnant Fan

February 5, 2004 – A fan on Sophie’s official forum asked the pregnant singer for advice, since she’s pregnant as well. The singer told ‘Serendipity’: “That’s lovely news. Advice? Golly, I am just feeling my way to be honest! Try to enjoy what’s happening to you. I am really loving being pregnant and feel all I do now it’s what’s best for the baby before me. Indulge yourself, communicate lots with your man and your folks and don’t worry if you have the odd panic – it’s all very normal. Good luck.”

Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Glowing Night Of Dancing

January 8, 2004 – The Mirror reports pregnant Sophie and her boyfriend Richard Jones were spotted out at swanky Notting Hill nightclub Neighbourhood on Friday night. “She looked radiant,” a spy said. “She was dancing and definitely showing off her bump. Richard stood behind her, put his arms round her midriff and gently cradled her belly as they moved to the music. It was very touching.”

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One thought on “Pregnant Sophie Ellis Bextor Says High Heels Worth The Pain

  1. Maria Gonzalez says:

    I agree. High Heels are worth the slight pain, because shoes that fit is the main thing. Shoes that don’t fit area always a pain, but well-fitting high heels support your feet, the feel good, and they make you look as sexy as you can be during this very special time of your life.
    Pretty, Pregnant Maria

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