President Bush: Hilary Duff Was ‘Fantastic’

Remarks by President Bush at ‘America’s Future Rocks Today a Call to Service’ from the District of Columbia National Guard in Washington, D.C. earlier today were as follows: “Listen, I want to thank all the entertainers who were here today. How about Hilary Duff. She was fantastic. (Applause.) Thank you, Hilary. JoJo — is here — yeah. (Applause.) Ruben Studdard — you talk about a success story. (Applause.) Ryan Cabrera, I appreciate Ryan being here. (Applause.) How about 3 Doors Down? (Applause.) Pretty cool guys, right? Seem cool to me. (Applause.) Fuel — I appreciate Fuel being here. (Applause.)”

The full transcript at has since been removed.

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