‘Primetime’ Producers Try To Exploit Britney

reveals that the ABC producers of her segment on tonight’s ‘Primetime’ interview with Diane Sawyer tried to exploit her for promo spots. “It was really obnoxious,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “They wanted me to take my clothes off. They wanted me to have this towel wrapped around me and then drop it. It was all about my body, you know?”

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11 thoughts on “‘Primetime’ Producers Try To Exploit Britney

  1. breez says:

    Well, what does she expect? She MADE it all about her body. Her body is her tool to success – she doesn’t have talent or a brain, so what else are they going to focus on?

  2. amusicfanofsoul says:

    ^ really…her career is based on her body…what else cans he do…she can’t sing.

  3. B0rntoplay says:

    She can’t win with you all. If she would have posed, she would have been a slut. And now that she didn’t pose like that, she is a moron. Make up your minds.

  4. hellahooked says:

    Wow, that sucks. Don’t worry, we all know, well the smart ones know that it’s not all about your body. Keep on doing your stuff!! Go Britney! Can’t wait for Nov. 17th

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    And she just realized this just now? Her body is always the show and talk before her new albums come out. She exploits herself by overexposing her body, she can’t put the blame on anybody to make herself look good or make herself look like the victim to make them look bad. If she can’t take the responsibility for practically taking off her clothes then she simply shouldn’t do it. I somewhat feel sorry for Britney, she shouldn’t have to put pressure on herself to do it for attention or to prove she’s a woman and a “mature artist”.

  6. Fausto-A says:

    Good for Britney that did what she wanted to do and criticized Primetime for being tacky. So much for the theory that she is just some puppet who does what everyone tells her….Xtina fans love to say that,,idiot!!! Anyways good for Brit!

  7. Lotus says:

    She’s just trying to get some attention to get the ratings up. I doubt they would ask her to do something so stupid. She probably just made that up to get her single, male, senior citizen fans to believe an interview with Britney Spears is worth the time.

  8. SexyGirl22 says:

    The bitch has no talent the only thing she’s good at is showing her manly nasty ass body and lip-syncing she is a total fake ass whore.

  9. rangergirl says:

    Can you blame Primetime?The media exploits the “entertainer” and vice-versa. In the video Brit made with Madonna there are commercial products throughout the video. Most noticeably, Sbarro foods, and the newest Toyota, Honda or whatever it is. Many singers and actresses are in commercials BUT this is SO blatantly crass selling–using a “music” video from an album to sell product right from the start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! None of the current crop of entertainers should whine.

  10. venus18 says:

    I’m getting kind of sick of Britney’s act. First, she does something “adult” and sexual. Next, she takes it back and acts insulted whenever anyone insinuates that she acted “adult”. Examples: Rolling Stone, Esquire, “The Kiss”, etc.

  11. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Oh gee, wherever did they get the idea that she would be willing to take her clothes off for promotion and publicity? Whatever gave them the idea she would be open to that? Whatever were they thinking she would go for it? WHO has made it all about her body? NOT the media.

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