Priscilla Ceballos: My Daughter’s ‘Hannah Montana’ Essay Was A Lie

Priscilla Ceballos admitted Friday that an essay written by her 6-year-old daughter and the military information she provided about her daughter’s father to win four tickets from Club Libby Lu to see ‘Hannah Montana’ star in concert were untrue. Club Libby Lu company spokeswoman Caulfield was told by the mother that the child’s father died April 17th in a roadside bombing in Iraq.

“When [Caulfield] asked me if this [essay] was true, I told her no,” Ceballos told Dallas’ FOX 4. “We never said this was a true story. We do essays all the time. My daughter does essays at school all the time. It never did say it had to be true, but [Robin] said, ‘That’s what we expected.'” Ceballos added that her daughter was knew the submission was a work of fiction. “She’s aware of what she wrote, and she knows that that wasn’t true,” Ceballos said.

The girl’s grandmother said that Jonathan Menjivar, her father, is alive and currently lives in another town. The Department of Defense website listed no record of any military casualty by that name, nor does the U.S. Army have any record at all of that name.

On Saturday, Club Libby Lu withdrew the prize and instead awarded it to another unnamed winner. “With this decision, we hope to revive the intended spirit of the contest, which was designed to make a little girl’s holidays extra special,” Club Libby Lu chief executive Mary Drolet said in a statement Saturday.

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