Props For ‘Dirrty Girl’

Contributed anonymously:

In the latest edition of her weekly pop culture column, teen scene writer Sabrina Mehra explains why she went from a hater to a ‘Stripped & Justified’ concert ticket holder. “Aguilera can be ‘dirrty’ one moment and ‘beautiful’ the next without losing an ounce of vocal talent – and I’m beginning to realize that the ease with which she reinvents herself, and how she incorporates her innate talent with the drive to innovate, should be celebrated,” writes Mehra. “Unlike much of the pre-packaged and studio-engineered crap that’s been so popular the last couple years, Aguilera does her own thing and sounds great doing it. Today, Aguilera, a diva in the truest sense of the word, resides far outside of Spears’ shadow.”

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