Publicity/Hype, Credibility, Know The Difference?

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I can’t believe that to this day some of you people (and I’m not just talking about and Christina Aguilera fans, and btw some of you need to get over this Britney vs. Christina debate. I bet we are the only people in the world that’s acting as if they’re actually dueling against each other and making it into a competition and into such a debate) make a big deal about record sales to determine who has talent or no talent. I think it’s just so absurd. Why would anybody spend $12.95 on an album just because the Billboard chart says they sold over 5 million copies or whatever. And why should anybody be convinced that somebody is talented just because some of you check how many records your idol sells every 12 hours?

Quite frankly, it’s getting annoying (just like this essay, I know, but you are going to comment on it anyway, just like you still debate about who sells more than who). Artists like Justin Timberlake, Christina, and Britney get such high record sales compared to Norah Jones or Alicia Keys because they use more promotion, hype, and publicity to make it sell. If they didn’t have all of that I doubt that they will be as rich and famous as they are now. And selling tons of records doesn’t mean that the artist has great music, nor does it mean that somebody who sells less is not as popular or has crappy music. It’s all based on what you like.

If some of you actually think that an artist selling tons of records is a reason to like an artist to begin with than you need to seriously need to grow up. It’s getting so old that you Britney fans have to constantly prove how many records she sells, and vice versa with Christina fans, Justin fans, just any fan! But I think you Christina and Britney fans focus on that the most, and I’m just being honest and true when I say that. I judge talent and the artists based on the music, not on how many records they have sold in the past 24 hours. Out of all those albums being sold, how would you know if somebody hated it, gave it to their friend as a free give away, burnt the CD in their fireplace, or just felt cheated out of their money for buying an album that they thought would be much better.

I think many of you on here confuse record sales/hype/publicity with talent/music/credibility. They are both separate things. If I were a fan I would focus more on talent/music/credibility and brag more about that than constantly bragging about the record sales/hype/publicity. If that’s all you have to say about your idol, than I find that a little pathetic. That means that the artist’s main purpose is not being heard and is just being completely ignored because of the media and the hype.

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  1. doug says:

    boring. your story was boring.

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