Puffy Working On Justin Timberlake’s Solo Album

Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs’ production partner Mario Winans said Puffy will be making an uptempo track on star Justin Timberlake’s solo album.

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9 thoughts on “Puffy Working On Justin Timberlake’s Solo Album

  1. BsBoy says:

    Uh..Oh, N*sick fans looks like Justin Timberfake is getting the big guns for his solo debut. You can all wave goodbye to N*sick. You all know that if his crappy album sells he’s leaving the background dancers for good.

  2. EndIsNear says:

    Ahhhh, Ohhhh!
    mmmmmm, I can’t wait!
    That Timberlake is so hot!

  3. annsangel says:

    Gee, I could say the same about Nick Carter’s solo album. If its a big success you think he will stay.

    Justin has said on numerious interviews as well as other members of the group he is not leaving Nsync. I trust him and will support him as I do all the members of Nsync’s solo projects.

    Justin has been accepted by so many artist because of his talent. You see something everyday that someone wants to work with him or have him work on their album. When did passion and a talent for music make you have a ego trip.

    I’d stop worrying about Justin leaving Nsync and worry more about Nick leaving BSB.

  4. babygurl_ny says:

    Everybody knows that if Justin get any success with his solo his gonna leave the group… even the fans know about that… but I really don’t care… see, honey, Nick said he was gonna have a solo… nothing new… but as of all of us know… BSB will have a new album in stores this year… so don’t compare! Is Nstink having a album???? NOOOOOOO!

  5. annsangel says:

    Sorry Kid, true Nsync fans know Justin is loyal to the group and Nick has spoken about leaving BSB on national TV- TRL.

    As Justin has said in numerous interviews, his true friends know him.

    BSB fans also know Nick is more into his solo album than the BSB album. Nothing is in stone the BSB album will be released this year, they are only predicting a August released date and yet AJ said 2003 in his latest interview. It sure is hard to release by August with Nick in London and Now with a lot of boat racing in the summer months and being on tour with Aaron. He sure is not devoting as much time as the other members of BSB to a group album or does Nick just have to show up and sing his part or maybe they have it computerized.

    As I said I trust Justin and true Nsync fans trust Justin. His album in more ways than one is not a true solo album since Justin and JC are doing a duet, and from the last interview all the guys are on it and contributing to it in various ways. We’ve heard about all the collabrations from different artist. The albums is gonna kick A__ and its great that Justin is not on such a ego trip that hes not afraid to ask for other artist help. I admire him as color of skin has no meaning , he sees the person.

    You can talk trash all you want to about Justin, but he has a huge adult fan base including some very famous people, The Clintons, Al Gore, so many woman with different charities that have worked with him. We love the person just as much as we love the artist.

    Again I’d spend my time worrying about Nick and his ego than Justins.

    Its also a shame you have to use a 9 yr old name calling for a vocal group. Do you think fans of nsync would become fans of bsb if something did happen to Nsync- NO>?

    So you BSB fans wish all you want. Nsync is not going anywhere. Its really a shame you have so little faith in BSB you have to wish Nsync to go away for them to succeed. I’ve never wished for BSB to go away cause I know my guys can handle the competition.

  6. Syndney says:

    When did Nick say he was leaving BSB on TRL-National breaking news network? He mentioned his solo cd but he never said leaving or any words close to that? Did all bsb fans miss that televised event? I am just curious what day, time, month this was?

  7. Frickers says:

    One, Nick NEVER went on national TV and said he was leaving the group. He did go on the radio and say he wasn’t tho. I have faith in the guys. And the guys ARE coming out with an album this year and if you knew anything or believed anything other than crap from this site, then you’d know that!

    At least my guys know how to get original ideas and dont copy someone else like a certain other group. And at least my guys dont pay tv stations to say good things about them and my guys dont tell there fans to go out and buy multible copies of their cd so they can have the best album sales. My guys also dont have dolls, lipgloss, and other crap thats worthless just to get more fans. Face it, Nysnc is in it for the fame and money. Their gonan go out just like NKOTB. Personally, i dont care if nsync keeps selling records or is still around in a few years. But the least they could do is get their own ideas for stuff. They didnt work hard for what they got. They didnt try to make it in other countries. At least nick is working on both albums. But you dont believe that because your so certain that nick is leaving the band. Get over it because hes not. Worry about the timberfakes and if you dont like the guys, quit worrying about them.

  8. Syndney says:

    Frickers if you would calm down here. Thanks but I was asking Annsangel since she made the statement. I want to know from her when this event occurred. IF it did the international bsb fans missed the top story in bsb news. Back to the question at hand, Annsangel when did this happen?

    If everyone would stop and listen both groups might not make it through this transition. Right now groups like B2k,yeah Otown and other groups are coming up. Let’s see how they fairs out when everyone comes back. At least nsync and bsb have a strong fan base that argues on their behalf.

  9. annsangel says:

    Nsync still has a huge fan base in Europe- And before you say nsync pays for radio play- go work for a station- They play what fans want to hear and whats hot at the time. So Nsync was hot. And BSB copied New Kids on The Block, 98 degrees, Its was all in the news when BSB came out that if it wasn’t for New Kids and Spice Girl paving the way for BSB it would not have been ready for a boyband. But don’t say Nsync copied BSB-

    to copy you must have the same sound- they sound nothing a like.

    to copy you must look a like- they look nothing a like.

    the members of Nsync knew each other- Justin, JC, Chris and Joey. They were not picked by Lou Pearlman.

    Get over the copying – its getting a little old-

    if Nsync paid for radio airplay- Its the same radio that took BSB ‘s money the year before.

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