Puffy’s Hopes To Win Back Jennifer Lopez

According to The New York Post, Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs has been telling people not to lose hope that he can get back together with ex-lover Jennifer Lopez. “He talks to Jennifer all the time,” a pal of the hip hop mogul revealed. “She was his great love. He says he is with Kim [Porter], but Kim is his standby woman.” Another spy said that when Combs stayed at the new Blake’s Hotel in Amsterdam recently, he signed the guest book, “If I get back together with Jennifer, I’ll bring her back here.” Unfortunately for Puffy, J.Lo’s pals say a rekindled romance won’t be happening — she’s moved on. “He doesn’t even have her new phone numbers,” one said.

Stays Fit After Breakup

February 8, 2004 – Us Weekly reports Jennifer has been taking her mind off her breakup with Ben Affleck by throwing herself into work — and her workouts. The diva has been meeting five days a week with her trainer Gunnar Peterson for one hour of intense interval training, including lunges, jumping rope, and abdominal exercises. Lopez has also turned to ashtanga power yoga with Mark Blanchard. “Jennifer is a temple of strength,” Blanchard said. “She’s getting to a more de-stressed place, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.”

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2 thoughts on “Puffy’s Hopes To Win Back Jennifer Lopez

  1. lilla says:

    No one bores me more than J.Lo *YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN* I can’t wait until paparazzi that she is SO old news oh look Jennifer walked down the street oh look Jennifer got her mail oh look Jennifer is sad oh look she’s walking the other way now DID SHE INVENT ROCKET SCIENCE OR SOMETHING?!?!?! she’s a CRAP singer, crap movie making actress who needs to retire

  2. galleta says:

    Hahaha, why would she want him back, she’s had a black guy, Latin guy and white guy, Puff better be ready to wait a long time she’s still gotta try an Asian guy, Indian guy middle eastern guy etc.

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