Pulled Hair Extensions Now A Blind Item

It looks like the popbitch.com item on and Carson Daly is spreading quickly as Sunday’s New York Post blind item asks, “Which pierced-a-plenty pop tart had her hair extensions yanked out during a wild sex session with a hunky MTV personality?”

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2 thoughts on “Pulled Hair Extensions Now A Blind Item

  1. MyKE says:

    Since when is Carson Daly hunky? Also, Willa Ford has been rumored to go with Carson, and she has a bunch or piercings…and I *think* she wears extensions. I know Britney has at least 4 piercings and wears extensions…Janet Jackson also has several piercings, and her hair is nothing but weave!

  2. dum_BLONDE says:

    You’re right, Carson Daly is so ugly! But Willa Ford only has like 4 or 5 piercings, and Britney has like 3 but also never hooked up with Carson, neither has Janet Jackson….so chances are it’s Christina because a) the article said so, and b) she’s the rank pierce with 14 piercings.

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