Q&A With JC Chasez

HipOnline.com spoke with and asked him about how his new album ‘Schizophrenic’ is different than the work he’s done with *NSYNC, and what the status was on the boy band’s return. “Well, it’s easy to say. It’s just a whole different animal, this record,” JC said. “You know, when you’re dealing with *NSYNC and everything like that, you’re dealing with I guess a group vision and everything like that, and you’re dealing with a collaboration, you know, according to, you know, representing, you know, five people instead of just one. So there’s always compromise involved in that, and this is just an uncompromised effort on my part on making a record. So it’s — you know, it just sounds totally different than what an *NSYNC record would sound like. The other part is, you know, the guys and I we’re always talking and stuff like that, and we talked about a timeline and when we’re going to start, you know, being creative. And we tell each other, you know, some time, either the late spring or some time we’ll just start like, you know, just passing ideas back and forth and kind of getting on that — into rhythm for that, so …”

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