Q&A With The Feeling’s Kevin Jeremiah

The Feeling

Kevin Jeremiah of took part in a Q&A on the British pop rock group’s official web site. The guitarist discussed a problem he probably shares with a lot of musicians constantly on the road – getting sleep.

Rich [Jones] said in the last catch-up that you were suffering from insomnia in Europe.
Yes. Sleep is a general issue with me anyway. And sleeping on tour buses is something I just can’t manage, which is unfortunate given what we do. Some people are fine with it, but I’m just not very good with the stopping and starting and the getting chucked around a bit and everyone in their own coffin-shaped things either side of you – there were eleven of us on the bus on our European tour. So I’ve been a bit like the living dead the past few weeks.

How do you cope with gigs when you’re tired?
With adrenalin and coffee mainly! I spend as much of the day as possible lying down. It seems that 22 hours of lying down a day equates to enough rest to get through an hour and a half of show.

Check out the full interview at thefeeling.com.

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