Quentin Tarantino Wants Madonna In One Of His Movies

Madonna 'Bad Girl'

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly features Quentin Tarantino on the cover and an interview with the director. In it he’s asked if he would be interested in working with Madonna because she has been a conversation point in a few of his film. He responded, “I’ve always said that Madonna has gotten a bad rap. She was the only actor who knew what she was doing in ‘Dick Tracy’. She was my favorite in ‘A League of Their Own’. If I had something right for her, I would totally cast her.”

Madonna Provokes Irish Ire With Sunday Concert

April 9, 2004 – Reuters reports that Madonna is taking heat from Christians in Ireland on Friday for confirming she would play her first ever Irish concert on a Sunday at Slane Castle. “It is the only date and day feasible,” Slane Castle owner Lord Henry Mount Charles confirmed of the August 29th tour stop. Joe Deegan, Slane’s parish priest, argued the decision was insensitive in a country where 90 percent of the population is Roman Catholic.

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7 thoughts on “Quentin Tarantino Wants Madonna In One Of His Movies

  1. galleta says:

    If they are so religious, why the hell are they going to see Madonna, lol, she’s anti-religious and anti-morals, so why are they so shocked that she would not respect a Sunday.

  2. ihateoreilly says:

    Madonna is so anti-religious and anti-morals? Based on what? The true people that are anti-religious and anti-moral are the ones who use Christ in the name of hatred towards minorities. The so-called “Moral” people in America are the ones who can’t stand seeing Janet’s boob, but think it’s ok to go and murder over 13,000 innocent Iraqis to control the oil fields. By the way, Madonna rules. So far, she’s sold out 4 shows here in LA and a fifth show at the Pond in Anaheim is just about sold out. All in all, her show here will be the highest grossing concert in California History.

    Yeah..one of her shows in Philly is sold out. For the other, there are only nosedive seats left. And Philly is just about her only city that doesn’t have 2 or more sold out shows. Name me ONE other artist that can charge an average of $200 a seat and sell out shows like she does. Bruce Springsteen may be able to sell out half of Jersey, but there were SEVERAL seats not sold out for his 911 exploiting tour in other cities. Paul McCartney sold out his shows, but not till the day of the show. Madonna is the number one name in the music business. All the others are just wannabees.

  3. Liz_Rosenberg says:

    Madonna isn’t anti-religious. She is actually for religious beliefs but is against ORGANIZED religion. You know…the people who gather to ban and be judgmental. And God knows I’m against it too. Is she anti-morals? It depends on what you find moral, I must say she is very moral depending on the issue. Some people who judge themselves ‘moral’ are just a bunch of unhappy people who gather to be judgmental and drown their frustrations. Have you seen The Passion of Christ?

  4. weebongo says:

    Madonna has morals, more than most people in the entertainment business. She stands up for what she believes even if it may hurt her career. The whole war thing did nothing to help her sales but she went ahead with it any way because she thought it was an important message to get across. Most people wouldn’t risk taking such a controversial view on a subject. Madonna may not be religious but she does believe in God. It couldn’t be any more apparent than in Truth Or Dare. She prays to God right before any one of her shows hoping that she and her dancers will have a great performance.

    Ireland will be another place that Madonna sells out in minutes with those people against it being the first ones waiting for tickets to go on sale. Catholics are the biggest hypocrites, you know all of them sin.

  5. galleta says:

    Oh please, you all are such suckers, do you know why Madonna doesn’t live in America anymore? Well from her own mouth came these words, that she left America because no one here reads anymore and that Americans have no morals anymore, this from the women that had a sex book made, danced on stage half naked, and very sexual suggestive shows, although I think Britney may be a little worst than Madonna lol, I love how after she had a baby she became so moral and religious hahahaha, she went on national TV saying this crap, what nerve from the original slut of music, true she has passed the crown of slutness to Britney, yet she wont live in the country that made her so big, I have no respect at all for Madonna, God bless those who do but don’t be stupid. Her putting down America made me see what a fake she really is,so enjoy Madonna, and know she probably laughs at you for making her rich especially the AMERICANS

  6. Liz_Rosenberg says:

    Galleta. I don’t like to disappoint you, and I do agree with weebongo that Madonna sacrifices her career for things that are socially conscious(i.e. Like a Prayer and American Life) but I do not believe the Sex book was an example of that. That book was actually a long term investment on Madonna as an artist that made tremendous damages to her career at the time but opened the door to other people like Britney and Christina, who don’t fail to recognize her today. It was more of a long term career move than a socially conscious one. But all of her sexiness was done for the sake of art and irony, none of it accurately reflected her ways of living, they were just platforms for showing people how she feels. They were just images. Mind you, portraits, they’re her works. And BTW, I know Madonna personally and much else you don’t know about.

  7. rangergirl says:

    Madonna’s song “Like A Prayer” has nothing to do with the video. The song is not about anything anti-religious or pro-religion or racism. It’s about nothing. She exploited images of racism etc to make a video to sell the record. If she really wanted to make a statement against racism and religious hypocrisy , why not write a song about it. She’s is an exploiter for profit and nothing more.

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