Quincy Jones: Michael Jackson Thought Rap Was Dead In 1987

A longtime friend of and producer of the the singer’s seminal album ‘Thriller’, Quincy Jones spoke with CBS News’ Katie Couric about the sudden passing of the King of Pop. Jones believed Jackson was “self destructive in a way” because of the physical changes he made to himself. He added that Jackson felt he wasn’t in touch with the current market anymore back in 1987, with Quincy focusing on hip hop music and Michael believing that rap was dead and Quincy was losing it. Watch the report below the cut.

Brian Oxman Warned Of Michael Jackson’s Prescription Medication Use

June 27, 2009 – Jackson family attorney Brian Oxman speaks to Harry Smith about Michael Jackson’s alleged misuse of prescription medications. “I have warned that one day would wake up dead and that I would not be silent if that was the case because of the misuse of medications,” Oxman said. Watch the brief interview below.

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2 thoughts on “Quincy Jones: Michael Jackson Thought Rap Was Dead In 1987

  1. Nindy Hunt says:

    I too grew up with Michael and Janet I’m 42 yr old mom of three boys. So the pain I felt the past 2 days was so strong and surprising to me. I have never cried over the loss of a celebrity. I felt the pain for Katherine, his children and what his siblings are feeling. Then I thought of you Quincy Jones and others who were a major part of Michaels life for years. Please know Quincy we know how hard you tried and long you were there for him. He was like your brother a son a friend. I will continue to play my CDs of Michael and purchase dvd’s of his life. Thank you Michael you have always been loved

  2. Codey says:

    Michael was actually right. Rap was dead and Quincy was indeed losing it. He was nothing after MJ.

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