Rachel Hunter And Robbie Williams On Secret Dates

The Sun reports has been on a string of secret dates with ex-girlfriend Rachel Hunter in Los Angeles. “Robbie never wanted to split up with Rachel in the first place,” a friend of the singer revealed. “He hasn’t dated anyone else since they split and has been calling her constantly. They have met up several times and have been spending time together in LA but neither of them want a public relationship because the pressure is too intense. Last time they found it impossible to have any kind of privacy – they were followed everywhere they went. But hopefully things with Rob and Rachel will work out. They are so good together and all their friends want them to make it.”

Robbie Bans Booze From Birthday Bash

March 23, 2004 – Robbie Williams will celebrate his 30th birthday at the exclusive Skibo Castle in Scotland without any booze or drugs present, according to a source. “Robbie’s not being a party pooper, he just doesn’t like being surrounded by alcohol,” the source told The Daily Star. “It’s not a problem because those attending know the problems Robbie has faced and understand. They’ve all seen how hard he’s battled to remain clean and sober and they respect him for that.”

Belated Birthday Bash Planned For Robbie

March 19, 2004 – The Sun reports Robbie Williams’ family are throwing the mother of all parties – lasting five days – to belatedly celebrate the star’s 30th birthday last month. “Robbie’s family and management have been planning this one for months,” an insider revealed. “A special twist is Ant & Dec hosting the private version of Family Fortunes. Believe it or not it’s one of Robbie’s favorite shows. Robbie is back home in Britain until autumn and his family were keen to do something special to mark his birthday.”

Robbie Looking A Bit Flabby

March 10, 2004 – The Sun is giving Robbie Williams a rough time after photos of the singer strolling around in the Los Angeles sunshine seem to show him carrying a few extra pounds, adding that “hairdo has gone to pot.”

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