Rachel Stevens Fires Back At Ana Matronic

Rachel Stevens responded to Scissor Sisters frontwoman Ana Matronic who had said she’d rather avoid dinner with the “boring” former star and eat with a terrorist instead. “The whole thing was weird because she did have dinner with me at the Capital Awards and said nothing at all,” Stevens told Attitude magazine. “I think she’s funny and really charismatic but I remember thinking when I read that quote how strange it was that somebody so open didn’t say it to my face. I would probably have told her to fu** off and sit somewhere else if she wasn’t happy but she didn’t say anything.”

Rachel Stevens’ New Album Due October 10th

August 20, 2005 – Rachel issued a press release announcing the title and release date of her sophomore album, ‘Come And Get It’, which will be released in the UK though Polydor/19 Entertainment on October 10th. “I’m really proud of this album, ever since I started working in music it’s been about releasing great pop tracks that everyone can dance and have fun to,” Stevens said. “But this time I also wanted to express more of myself and give people a few surprises along the way. Although I’ve matured I still want to keep pop fun but a little naughtier!”

Rachel Stevens Gets Little Screen Time In ‘Deuce Bigalow’

August 12, 2005 – RachelStevensOnline.com has a rundown of the cameo made by Rachel in the just-released film ‘Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo’. On the downside for fans of the former star, she only appears for one minute as one of film star Rob Schneider’s several dates and has no spoken lines. On the upside, her new single ‘I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)’ is featuring in full for the film’s closing credits.

Rachel Stevens Feeling Broody

August 7, 2005 – The Sunday Mirror reports Rachel, who is dating Gavin Dein, was full of baby talk when she joined pals celebrating the arrival of Thierry Henry’s daughter, Tea, at a bash in North West London last week.

Rachel Stevens Hates It When Nobodies Kiss & Tell

August 4, 2005 – Rachel fumed to The Daily Star about people who hook up with celebrities and sell their stories to the tabloids. “It’s annoying when people find fame just because they’ve got with someone’s other half,” she said. “It angers me.”

Rachel Stevens Questionnaire

July 29, 2005 – A questionnaire from marketing firm Vice-Versa was sent out to fans of former star Rachel Stevens, asking them to rate her image, voice, music, and music videos. They also included favorite photos and favorite titles for her upcoming album. Those taking the questionnaire will automatically be entered into a draw for 5 chances to get some new albums from Universal. Check it out at Vice-Versa.info.

Rachel Stevens Eyes Soap Actress Backup Career

July 6, 2005 – Rachel tells Ann Montini of Sky News that if her pop career goes bust, she has a backup plan: acting. “I would love a role in a soap,” she said. “They are so well acted, but if I had to choose it would be the drama ‘Born & Bred’ as I love all those 40s-style clothes. They suit me well.”

Rachel Stevens Online Chat

July 3, 2005 – Rachel took part in an online chat with fans at This Is London and was asked the most diva-ish thing she’s ever done. “I don’t think myself as a diva, but I am going to start trying it,” the former S Club star joked. “Maybe with a few swans in my dressing room to begin with!” The complete chat at rachelstevensonline.com has since been removed.

Rachel Stevens Interviewed On GM:TV ‘Entertainment Today’

July 3, 2005 – Rachel performed her new single ‘So Good’ on GM:TV ‘Entertainment Today’ Friday morning (July 1). After her performance, she gave an interview and talked about her much discussed new gloves, the One campaign, and her testicular cancer PSA.

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