Rachel Stevens Hates Her Bottom

Although admirers of regularly vote her Britain’s sexiest woman thinking she’s perfect, the former S Club star claims she hates her bottom. Rachel, 26, tells Glamour magazine’s UK edition in a May cover story: “I’m confident in some areas but I’ve got some lumps I’d rather hide. I’d like my bottom to be perkier. It’s quite squidgy. Seeing photos all the time makes you a bit self-conscious.”

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One thought on “Rachel Stevens Hates Her Bottom

  1. Meggz75 says:

    Yeah sure, if I were her I would be body conscience myself *being sarcastic* If I had her body……I wouldn’t complain. I don’t get skinny people at all. They complain about being fat when they are clearly not. Makes me wonder what they really think about someone who is fat.

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