Rachel Stevens Performs At G-A-Y

Former S Club star performed for G-A-Y clubbers off at London’s Astoria on Saturday (July 31). Check out pictures from RexFeatures.

Says ‘Pop’ Isn’t A Dirty Word

July 31, 2004 – Ireland On-Line reports that Rachel has furiously defended pop music – insisting it isn’t a “dirty word.” The former S Club star said, “Pop should never be a dirty word, and I don’t agree that you need to grow up in a garage with a guitar making your fingers bleed in order to be considered a musician. Just because you’ve come from a pop background it doesn’t mean you have no right to make music.”

U.S. Project Pushed Back

July 26, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: After seeing her song, ‘Some Girls,’ shoot to the top 3 in the UK, Rachel and her record company have cancelled the release of, ‘Fools,’ and her album. Right now, the former S Club star’s main concentration is in Europe and the US is secondary. However, the album has only been postponed but ‘Fools,’ as a single is completely cancelled. It will still be used in the ‘Princess Diaries II,’ though. The album has been postponed to late December or possibly sometime in January. The first single is still being decided, however ‘Some Girls,’ is looking to be the top choice.

Rachel Stevens Returns To First Love After Latest Split

July 25, 2004 – After splitting from millionaire Gavin Dein, The People reports that former S Club star Rachel is back with first love Dan Cohen. The pair went out for dinner the other night, and also took in Simon & Garfunkel’s gig at Hyde Park in London.

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