Rachel Stevens Splits With Fiance

The Sun reports former S Club star Rachel Stevens has split with her actor fiance Jeremy Edwards after a series of fights. “Rachel and Jeremy have been under a lot of strain since he left ‘Holby’. He hasn’t been working that much while Rachel has been so busy promoting her pop career,” a pal revealed. “They have been arguing constantly and have now told friends the wedding is off. Rachel is still wearing her engagement ring and hopes they can patch things up. But Jeremy is very unhappy about the way things have turned out. He has been telling people it’s all over and the wedding is off.”

Rachel Stevens Sports Major Bling Bling On Debut Video

August 14, 2003 – RateTheMusic.com reports that former S Club star Rachel was escorted by three security guards on the set of her debut solo video, ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’ as she was wearing jewellery worth $12.8 million. The centerpiece of the pricey collection was a pink diamond ring worth a staggering $3.5 million.

Rachel Stevens Comes Out With Edgy Pop In Debut

August 12, 2003 – Former S Club star Rachel was on Radio 1 to talk about her new solo career and debut single ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’. Asked if going solo means a dramatically different look, Rachel responded, “It’s not going to be like, totally different, just to go with the music, it’s a bit more sassy, it’s still pop but it’s a bit more edgy and sort of funky and I’m really pleased with it, I’m really pleased with it.”

Rachel Stevens’ Insect Repellent Alternative

August 7, 2003 – Former S Club star Rachel says she was horrified when she found her hotel bed crawling with the cockroaches during a stay in Russia. She revealed, “Every orifice that you could tape up I taped up.”

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One thought on “Rachel Stevens Splits With Fiance

  1. JoseCas says:

    I wish I could say I’m surprised, but he’s never really looked happy in the pictures they take together. And it’s not a good sign that he hasn’t worked in a while. I lover her new stuff though, good luck to her.

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