Rachel Stevens’ Toilet Phobia

Former S Club star Rachel Stevens has admitted to TV show the Kumars At No 42 that she is terrified of toilets. “I have a problem with locking the door. If there is no window in the toilet, then I have a bit of a problem,” she said. Read more.

Rachel Stevens Models Pretty Polly Undies

September 24, 2003 – The Sun had promo photos, since removed, of former S Club star Rachel modelling undies for Pretty Polly, becoming the first pop star to plug their products. Rachel says, “This underwear makes me feel great.” No doubt the £100,000 endorsement deal contributed to that great feeling.

TV Star’s Death Led To Love Split

September 23, 2003 – ITV News reports Jeremy Edwards has admitted the death of his close friend and Holby City co-star Laura Sadler led to his split with fiance Rachel Stevens. “It was a tough time for me,” he said. “After Laura’s death I got really messed up. I was drinking a hell of a lot and got seriously depressed. It really shook me up. Losing such a close friend pushed me off the rails and sadly Laura got caught up in my mess. It was at this point she confronted me about my problems and we agreed to have a break.” The split made him realize what he had lost and now he and the former S Club singer are trying to rebuild their relationship.

Rachel Stevens’ Debut Lands At #2

September 23, 2003 – Former S Club star Rachel saw her debut solo single ‘Sweet Dreams my LA Ex’ entered the Official UK Top 40 #2 this week, failing to knock Black Eyed Peas off the top spot – they remain there for a third week. Westlife seem to be losing their #1 streak – ‘Hey Whatever’ only managed #4, a low new entry by their standards, and *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake failed to make the top ten for the first time with ‘Senorita’ which entered at #13.

Rachel Stevens Ad Drives Fans Mad

September 18, 2003 – The Evening Standard reports Rachel is driving motorists to distraction with her new ad campaign. The former S Club star strikes a leggy pose in billboard posters for her debut album ‘Funky Dory’. “I’ve never been on a huge poster before – when I’m in traffic I always find myself looking at them and I’ve always thought it would be cool to be on one,” Stevens admitted. “I just hope that I don’t ever get stuck in traffic in front of one of my own, that’d be really embarrassing.”

Rachel Stevens Takes Back Ex-Fiance

September 3, 2003 – Former S Club star Rachel tells The Sun that she is dating ex-fiance Jeremy Edwards again after he begged her to take him back, promising to quit partying. “It’s not over, it’s not at all. We’re together,” the former S Club star said at the GQ Man Of The Year Awards on Tuesday night. “We have been going through a real rough patch and we’re working through it. It’s difficult but I’m fine. Don’t give up on us yet. There is still hope for the two of us together… definitely.” A pal of Rachel’s added, “He was really cut up about the split. He has called Rachel loads of times and told her he will do anything for them to be back together again. He has told her he will quit partying and be around for her more of the time.”

Rachel Stevens Offers Advice About Being Newly Single

September 2, 2003 – Talking about being single for the first time in three years, former S Club star Rachel tells Cosmo Girl magazine, “Value your independence. It’s important to have your own life when you’re in a relationship. Bounce back from being dumped. Go out with your friends and don’t see your boyfriend every single night or it will get too much and you’ll lose your identity. Everyone gets dumped at some point in their life. It can totally knock your confidence. remember: It’s never your fault.”

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