Rachel Stevens Turns ‘American Beauty’ In Sexy Photo Shoot

Former S Club star Rachel Stevens has gone from sexy Brit to ‘American Beauty’ with the aid of a few rose petals, posing just like Mena Suvari did in the Oscar winning film. “Rachel’s had a huge teen following for years, but the roses shoot has proved she’s all woman,” remarked Top of the Pops magazine editor Corinna Shaffer to femail.co.uk. “When it came to covering her with the petals, I’ve never seen so many volunteers – and the flowers weren’t so much thrown randomly as placed with the greatest of precision.”

Rachel Stevens’ Ex Removes Belongings From Her Flat

August 31, 2003 – The Sun has photos of a glum looking Jeremy Edwards and a female pal lugging his belongings out of ex-fiance Rachel’s apartment. “He tried to look cheery but it was obviously hard for him,” remarked an onlooker. Read more.

Rachel Stevens Not Interested In Reconciling Romance

August 26, 2003 – The Sunday People reports Jeremy Edwards has been phoning former fiance Rachel non-stop trying to talk things over with the former S Club star, but she hasn’t been returning the calls and doesn’t seem bothered by their breakup. “She’s more interested in booking her next beauty appointment than talking to Jeremy,” a pal of Stevens revealed. “The fact is she has been drifting apart from him for some time and isn’t interested in trying to make their relationship work.”

Rachel Stevens Won’t Part With Engagement Ring

August 24, 2003 – The Sunday Mirror reports former S Club star Rachel and estranged lover Jeremy Edwards are now fighting over the engagement ring and his drinking problem, with Stevens refusing to give up the pricey bauble. A pal explained, “Jeremy has made it very clear to Rachel that he wants the engagement ring back. He bought it and he’s not exactly rolling in cash at the moment. Rachel is not having any of it. She engaged to him any more, but she’s determined to hold on to it – whether they’re together or not. She has told him she would take him back if he eases off the drink. And he’s told her she needs to lay off shopping for clothes. But he really just wants the ring back. They have been arguing about it all week.”

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