Rachel Stevens Vows Not To Wear Skirts Again

Sky News reports that former S Club star Rachel Stevens is vowing to never wear a skirt again after photographs appeared to show the singer with cellulite hit the British tabloids. “I hated it when they said I had it,” she complained. “What girl hasn’t got a bit? I’ve told my stylist no more skirts ever again. I mean I cannot bear another attack like that.”

Rachel Stevens Mucks It Up In ‘Deuce Bigalo 2’

August 24, 2004 – The Glasgow Daily Record reports Rachel was in a mocked-up Venice waterway in Amsterdam to film ‘Deuce Bigalo 2: European Gigolo’. The former S Club star didn’t get the usual treatment from the make-up artists. Instead, she was covered in muck to play Ms. Mud in the sequel to ‘Deuce Bigalo: Male Gigolo’.

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