‘Raging’ Nick Carter Gropes Lindsay Lohan

Troubling new allegations against star are being alleged in Star magazine. At the Spider Club on Saturday (July 31), a source said Nick approached and “sharted talking sh** about Paris [Hilton].” Lohan didn’t want to get involved, but the enraged Carter proceeded to grab the breast of the actress, who then stormed off to tell her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. “Wilmer accused Nick of grabbing Lindsay’s breast earlier at the club,” a source revealed. “Nick denied it, then Wilmer got really angry and started yelling at Nick.” The two calmed down, but later Lohan “came over and started screaming and crying, cussing out Nick.”

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10 thoughts on “‘Raging’ Nick Carter Gropes Lindsay Lohan

  1. milasmine says:

    Now it’s just getting ridiculous…Lindsay and Nick have been friends for a long time…Much longer then Lindsay and Paris…Lindsay would not have cared about any negative comments Nick might have made and Nick, with everything else going on or not, would never and has never treated a girl disrespectfully. Oh well, at least he’s getting a lot of publicity before that new album…Nobody forgets who Nick is no. lo.

  2. backstreetgrl says:

    LMAO..what a damn LIE!!!..there just saying it because of whats going on with Paris..they just never leave him alone!!!..what next!!..lol..i want to hear what there come up with next time

  3. popmaster167 says:

    Unfortunately I can’t see how its good publicity, I highly doubt its good for him….’, ‘being branded a women beater & sexual assaulter but whatever, lol. Most people with a brain who look at what actually happened, even if they are not fans of Nick, will see most of this is complete bull anyways so not to worry I guess, but still its not exactly good.

  4. Smile says:

    The media has gone too far!’, ‘THE MEDIA NEEDS TO LEAVE NICK ALONE. Nick goes 24 years without even ONE claim of any wrong doing and all of a sudden he is supposed to have mistreated two girls? GIVE ME A BREAK. It doesn’t work that way. And musicman…leave it alone. It isn’t right of you to keep posting all this crap on Nick.

  5. nanda_ho says:

    i never knew that this desperate fat violent ugly person is a maniac. nick should be beaten up to death like Scott Peterson. actually he is worse than Scott. god how can his fans still defend him after all this violent incidents happening like him beating Paris, he sent his own mother to prison, driving while drunk, allowing his sister use drugs and now this molesting women. nick I know that you are desperate because all your efforts have failed like your solo album flopped and people have already forgotten you. am I right Justin Timberlake? aka two time Grammy award winner?

  6. BrItNeys_HuBbY says:

    You are a complete idiot…… how the hell can you say that Nick Carter is worse than Scott Peterson… that is a big insult to Laci and the family and friends that loved her. before you post something to try to make people laugh……think ok! because scott peterson is a horrible horrible man, while nick is a decent guy.

  7. popmaster167 says:

    True- it is an insult when people post stupid stuff like this comparing artists &users..’, ‘on this site to truly tragic crimes, like when someone kept on making jokes saying Britney would do anyone including Osama Bin Laden & it offended that girl who posted on here who lost someone close to them in 9/11. Its kinda sick, but you can’t take people like nando_ho seriously, you just gotta laugh at there stupidity, lol.

  8. Smile says:

    To nanda_ho, justanotherb!tch, and getalifeyall (I know if he hasn’t already made a comment, he eventually will): You all are Justin Timberlake fans therefore your opinion on any matter concerning Nick doesn’t count. Why? Because you’d still be hating on Nick no matter what, even if he had saved your lives yesterday. Pheobe- If you don’t have the guts to respond back to me or anyone else that proves what you say wrong, then your opinion doesn’t count either. PEOPLE HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK ABOUT NICK THIS WAY. Each one of you who blames Nick for something he didn’t do is pathetic.

  9. SexandtheCity says:

    Well I’m not a fan but I don’t find comfort or joy in anyone’s pain’, ‘whether I like them or not. To be totally honest I haven’t read anything about this whole situation, not even the things posted here. I just read the comments because you guys make me laugh. I kind of like Paris but I don’t follow her or even watch her show. I will look at her pics though, she’s a pretty girl. So I really can’t comment on any of this. Just seems like you are getting a little too much joy from this, IMO. But whatever floats your boat.

  10. BSBFanatic1 says:

    Once again…anything for publicity. These sources just want their 15 minutes of fame by making ***** up. They can’t even get the freakin dates right. Nick was at the Spider club on Friday, July 30 not the 31 and anyways…the last thing on his mind was hooking up with another girl. He was trying to have a good time with his friends, Kevin and Howie until hecklers started making comments about Paris’ bruises and then they made a get away.

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