Rappers Rule This Week’s Album Chart While Pop & Rock Drool

It was a hectic week for retailers as many highly anticipated albums dropped, some of which were released ahead of schedule due to bootlegging. According to HitsDailyDouble.com, Jay-Z will take the #1 spot on the album charts with his ‘last’ album ‘The Black Album,’ which sold around 450,000 copies. Rap legend Tupac Shakur will come in a very close second as the soundtrack to the movie ‘Tupac: Resurrection’ moved near 440,000 copies in its debut week. Even closer, G-Unit barely edged Josh Groban for the #3 spot. G-Unit’s ‘Beg For Mercy’ sold 368,000 copies, and Groban’s ‘Closer’ takes #4 with 367,000 copies sold. These top 4 debuts together accounted for over 1.5 million album sales this week. Other notable debuts include Kid Rock’s ‘Kid Rock’ at #8 (190,000 copies sold) and Pink’s ‘Try This!’ at #9 (150,000 copies sold). Matchbox 20’s latest will come in at #41 moving 38,000 copies. star Nick Lachey’s debut solo album ‘Soulo’ will likely be seen as a disappointment. It moved only 37,000 copies in its first week out. Next week, look for big debuts from Britney Spears, Korn, and Blink 182.

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3 thoughts on “Rappers Rule This Week’s Album Chart While Pop & Rock Drool

  1. B0rntoplay says:

    Yeah G-Unit out of the way, I think only the Beatles are going to give competition to Britney. If the sales stay strong like they have today, she might debut at 1. Guess we’ll see for sure next week.

  2. iluffslimshady says:

    ^^ EXCUSE ME????…G-Unit is the bomb!!!! The whole Shady Aftermath are the best artists alive!!! I HOPE BRITNEY takes her teen lop-sided bopping ass back to her worthless piece of junk back at the studio. THAT CRACKS MY SH** GO HIP HOP!!!!! Take that loser down the drain where she belongs I’m so mean..oh well at least I’m telling the truth!

  3. musikluver says:

    It’s sad when you have to resort to putting prizes in your CD to sell them…. not saying anything bad about them, but if people would just buy the albums instead of stealing them off the internet and bootleg there would be no need for this…. but it is kinda of desperate attempt to sell a record though.

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