Raven Shoots ‘Supernatural’ Video

filmed her music video for ‘Supernatural’ on Sunday (May 2) in Hollywood, California. Check out pictures from FilmMagic.

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5 thoughts on “Raven Shoots ‘Supernatural’ Video

  1. hellahooked says:

    What happened to her? I love ‘That’s So Raven’ lmao.

  2. Brentwood_Babe says:

    No, you mean what happened to her, I used to love Cosby. She was one cute 4 year old.

  3. musicgrrl2021 says:

    what was the other girl that played rudy? wasn’t she in chingy’s video for’, ‘”one call away”?

  4. bravegirl says:

    she’s not the girl in chingy video actually that was a different girl. Raven is the girl from “She’s So Raven” in Disney she’s actually a good actress, but I never new she could sing. oh well I guess there’s a new batch of Disney tartlets.

  5. ChoSchmo says:

    Keisha Knight- Pullam from Cosby Show was in Chingy’s video. That’s the one that they were referring too when the asked that one. Yeah Raven is a different chick, but I don’t think she signs too good.

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