Ray Chandler Silenced By Michael Jackson?

The New York Post reports that the uncle of Jordy Chandler, who settled child molesting claims against Jacko for a reported $25 million, has stopped promoting his recently-published ‘All That Glitters: The Crime and the Cover-up’. Ray Chandler was getting plenty of press until recently, but no longer is. “Jackson’s heavy-handed lawyers stepped in,” a source said. Chandler’s rep, Michael Wright, played down any Jackson involvement. “Something happened, and we scaled back for a few days,” he said. “We pulled back on doing media in the weeks leading up to the election.”

Listen To ’s ‘Cheater’

October 23, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: Michael is offering a preview of one of the 13 unreleased tracks from throughout his career. ‘Cheater’ was recorded during the ‘Bad’ sessions. This and several other unreleased tracks appear on The Ultimate Collection box set including 4 audio CDs and 1 DVD, due November 16th. Cheater can be heard at mjjsource.com.

Who’s Crazier, Courtney Love Or Michael Jackson

October 20, 2004 – Blender magazine asked Juliette Lewis if she thought Courtney or Michael was crazier. “Michael might win,” Lewis responded in the magazine’s November issue. “I think Courtney is still salvageable. I love that I’m not in this equation.”

Jacko Won’t Attend Source Mag’s Eminem Press Conference

October 20, 2004 – Michael Jackson released the following statement on Tuesday (October 19) regarding Eminem’s new video ‘Just Lose It’: “It has been recently reported that Michael Jackson will be attending a press conference on Thursday in New York, urging the hip-hop community to stand by him in speaking out about Eminem’s video. Michael Jackson will not be attending this press conference.”

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3 thoughts on “Ray Chandler Silenced By Michael Jackson?

  1. clayfan says:

    Michael Jackson has reached a new low in wussiness! ‘He CREATED this situation, and he’s too chicken to attend the press conference!! If anyone’s not convinced that Jacko is WACKO, this should be the final slice of evidence that you need. I suppose he will be like Dick Cheney: Holed up in a secret, undisclosed location. Probably some kindergarten classroom!! This will be a hilarious press conference…I personally cannot wait to watch…I’ll bring some popcorn and I look forward to laughing.

  2. BLUEGEMINI7 says:

    Isn’t that nice, he won’t even attend. Then he needs to shut the hell up. Oh and now he wants the support of the hip-hop community? He might stand a chance since he never molested a black child. Weirdo!

  3. Fire_N_Ice says:

    Yep, gutless wonder! Is this something else he can milk for publicity? Trying to take the heat off himself maybe? Not working. I have only heard/read articles that have MJ P1ssed with Eminem on what the video depicts, and by MJ’s own admission he DOES cavort with little boys, plays, sleeps in same bed and its all “natural”..the video does NOT see Eminem’s MJ persona doing anything but sitting ON a bed with little boys..again, I could be wrong, but anything I have read so far has not mentioned the lyrics. If there was no video to go with the song, would there be a drama?

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