‘Re-Release’ Of ‘O2’

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Many communities have decided that July 12 was the “re-release” date for “O2,” which is exactly eight months since the album first released in stores. This means that throughout the week of July 12, O-Town fans are going out and picking up an extra copy of the album, or even a few copies. O-Town communities are asking all fans to go pick up an extra copy of the album anytime this week.

There is no new songs added to ‘O2,’ however this is to show J Records–who recently made negative comments about fans, that the fans are still out there and supporting the guys. Please pick up a copy of the album anytime this week to help boost sales of ‘O2’ and get the guys back on top of the charts where they belong. Thank-you. For more information or a better description on the re-release, please visit insideotown.com.

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One thought on “‘Re-Release’ Of ‘O2’

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    Since their CD O2 well…flopped…they are making a desperate attempt to re-release it (without no extra or bonus tracks), hoping it will put them on the #1 spot. I know there are some O town fans out there, but there aren’t THAT many to put them in the #1 spot. I am sure they are nice guys and all, but c’mon, they aren’t really a great boy band and besides, are there any successful pop boy band artists out there NOW?

    Publicity is not the key to make people buy albums or to buy tickets for a movie starring their fav. actor or actress. It’s simply the content of talent that attracts fans and non-fans alike. Not all songs become hits, no matter how good they are. So sadly, as great as these songs are (some of them, sort of…), having new songs wouldn’t really work either. If nobody is barely buying the O2 album, why release a single from it? If barely anybody would buy it, why would a new single make people change their mind about it? Really…these boys have potential, probably the most honest and down to earth guys, but who in the music industry would take them seriously as artists? But good luck to them…they deserve at least a few more minutes of fame :)

    Okay…what’s up with all these attempts of trying to make these boys famous? I don’t mean to diss your idols O-town fans, I am just being honest here, so don’t diss me for attempting an honest comment. C’mon, most people that are made up into “pop stars” from a popular reality show (like American Idol, Making the Band, etc.) get their few minutes of fame and just fade into obscurity. If you are disagreeing with this, think about it. When has any singer EVER that has been formed into a “pop star,” (“idol”, whatever) from a TV show attempted a long lasting career? The many artists that had to WORK for their dream from scratch, facing more trials and tribulations than O-Town can’t even image, are the ones that win Grammy’s, awards, and earn lots of fans and positive credit from critics. Record labels won’t support them seriously, it’s all about the cash, not the attempt to make superstars. They care less. Doing another series of making the band would be a huge mistake, since after all, that show is kinda dead anways, it won’t put more attention. It will just show that they are desperate. As long as they have their dignity, why does it matter? If you are a fan that’s reading this, than I give you my grace for supporting these guys for who they are. If you aren’t a fan, than you are probably agreeing with me. All in all, o-town just needs to be happy that they have made it this far, right?

    I am sorry honey… But everyone has the right to say what they feel about them and their music..that’s what we as the public that watches them are meant to do…comment, criticize, backlash, love, and hate. We, the public, are the eye of the storm. I know that the boys mean well. They seem to be very sweet and conservative boys that are just trying to make a dream possible. I don’t hate O-town because they were made on a TV show, or don’t appreciate them. In fact, even though I can’t stand their music, I still appreciate and respect them for their attempt to make this dream happen. But seriously…the problem is that yes, many people can’t help but see them as “manufactured artists” and WON’T take them seriously. That’s just that. It’s reality. Being on a popular TV show and having a good heart with talent sadly doesn’t guarantee a long-lasting music career. Not everybody makes it. O-Town has made it so close, yet, they are still so so very far. God bless them all.

    well first of all, why aren’t O-Town themselves promoting their album? They can promote better than the fans (no offense to the fans), and much faster. And I thought fans cared more about the group and their music, not about sales numbers and stuff? When have fans cared about how much their fav. idols sell anyway? It’s not like they are going to get their money? So why does it matter? Isn’t the music good enough?

    Really…one person, or even a few people, buying multiple copies of their fav. artist’s albums is not gonna make much of a difference in album sales. It’s just wasting money. I can understand if this re-issue had bonus tracks, or at least had a cheaper price or something, than I can understand why a fan would buy it. But c’mon, why waste money on the same CD that you already have? You can do whatever you want with your money, it’s not mine :p. hahaha. I am just saying that them reissuing this album with the SAME tracks and everything is just an attempt for them to raise album sales (or at least that’s their idea????) It backfired.

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