Rebecca Black: I’m Absolutely NOT Pregnant

Rebecca Black pregnant... not

checked in with her Twitter followers (@MsRebeccaBlack) earlier today to respond to a ridiculous user submitted CNN iReport suggesting the 13-year-old ‘Friday’ singer was pregnant and being urged to “seriously consider an abortion” by a web site’s online community. Black writes:

I thought it was May 15th…not April Fools Day. I’m absolutely NOT pregnant.

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4 thoughts on “Rebecca Black: I’m Absolutely NOT Pregnant

  1. Mike Hunt says:

    Fake. All she’s doing is holding up a piece of paper that anyone could photoshop into anything. It’s probably an A on a test.

  2. skiphopz says:

    Wolf Blitzer is rolling in his grave


    this is juicy news :))) she might be the one who Photoshopped it :))))))))))

  4. Lauren Mciver says:

    look, someone has obviously photoshopped this image, because Rebecca would never broadcast her pregnancy on either Facebook, Twitter or even her blog+YouTube. so, don’t believe it. cos she isn’t.

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