Rebecca Black Thanks Fans And Haters

Rebecca Black 'Friday'

checked in with her Twitter followers (@MsRebeccaBlack) on Friday (March 25) thanking those who supported her debut music video ‘Friday’ and those who mocked it, all combining for the 13-year-old to get over 50 million views of the much publicized effort. Black writes:

OkieDokie. It’s Friday. And I just wanted to take this itty bitty bit of time to thank everyone, my fans and haters and everyone in between. (: You all are AMAZING and I could not have gotten to where I am now without any of you. I know that so many of you all want a follow back or shout-out or retweet…but it’s impossible to reply to everyone individually. So I’m just gonna say: If you guys tweet something really funny or something that really stands out, I’ll retweet it. I check my mentions sometimes, and I’d love to give back in some way to all of you. And just so you know: I PROMISE that I’ll never get caught up in this madness as to where I’ll forget any of you. You’re all beautiful and special and great. Thanks for hopefully reading this long hubbajubba of a tweet and #Iloveyouall <3

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2 thoughts on “Rebecca Black Thanks Fans And Haters

  1. kaddy says:

    I love you Rebecca… I love your debut music…

  2. maaz khan says:

    I like you very much
    because you like a Muslim girl
    I wil pray for you
    That you become a famous singer
    take care
    and I miss you very very much

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